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I just recently got this game and I LOVE the ruleset but I'm not a fan of the theme. I want to use the ruleset in a standard B/X or BECMI style game. My main question is concerning monsters from those systems and what I would need to adjust from their stats so that it fits in with LotFP ruleset.  For example, I know the unarmored AC is higher for characters so would I need to raise the AC of the monsters? In addition are there any other changes or tweaks that I would need to make to run these two systems together?


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I recommend downloading the free Referee book and checking out the monster section on page 48. This should give you a sense for how to adjust monsters.

I'm not super familiar with the details of B/X, so I can't provide specific advice. But in my experience, I just do a spot check of the monster and determine how to adjust whenever I'm using a module from another system, and it works fine. If you're off by a little bit it usually doesn't make a difference.

Re: Mixing systems question

Pretty easy to convert. BECMI monsters get a +1 to-hit per hit die. I use the following chart to interconvert Armor Class on the fly:

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