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i played a wonderful LotFP game @gencon 2018 this year causing me to want to find out more. i stopped by the booth and bought the "players core book:rules and magic" was told thats all i needed but got a free adventure book to go with it. i am new to LotFP but making an assumption here that the core book is simply a generic book that requires a"setting" book to fully flesh out character classes and such. it kind of feels like i am missing a book or something because i have no stats for "npc/monsters". it kind of feels like the book is alot like the savage worlds deluxe book as its generic and you add flavor to it. the only thing really i am finding different about it and other d20 games is the d6 used for doing things other than casting and fighting. i really like the d6 mechanic as its simple and straight forward. sound about right?


so what happens if for example a character wants to seduce a npc? is that a 1d6 roll with the character adding their charisma bonus to it? (meaning that the player rolls a 1d6 and has to roll under their charisma modifier added to 1 to succeed?)

is there a list of what all is available for LotFP. something that lists what are adventures and what are settings and what are play aids etc? if there are setting books can anyone suggest one? sorry if this has already been asked i looked but its possible my google fu failed me. thanks for the replies.

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Welcome to LotFP!

I'm going to answer your questions as best I can, but also direct you to some links for further research...

LotFP is part of the OSR scene, which means it's inspired by old school Dungeons & Dragons. (And by old school, I mean before 1st edition.)

There is no official setting for LotFP, but the publisher's preferred setting is real world earth, Early Modern Era (17th century), with a low fantasy emphasis and a higher emphasis on sci-fi and horror. That said, there are books published within LotFP that don't quite fit this setting (Carcosa and Towers Two stand out).

I think this is a complete list of everything available for LotFP: … dle-BUNDLE

And you are right, we are still waiting for the new Referee book which provides NPC/monster stats and all those other bits. In the meantime, there is the original referee book for free as a PDF:

(You should just download all of the free stuff offered on the right side of this page!)

I like the setting implied by the publisher through the modules, and I think Better Than Any Man (offered for free at the link provided above) is a great place to start.

Here is a link to my blog, specifically to the post where I try to help answer questions for new people: … ncess.html

If you and your players are new to old school role-playing, this book is free and an excellent introduction: … 59558.html

Finally, to answer your rules question:

If a character wants to seduce an NPC, you will have to come up with how that works. There is no official rule in the book. Here are two ways I might handle that:

1) If it seems reasonable that it would happen, just have it happen automatically and see where things go from there.
2) If there is a good chance of failure, and there's something interesting that can happen via this failure (like the target might stab the PC for their attempt, or turn the tides on them), come up with some odds - like use the PC's CHA bonus as their chance in six (so a modifier of +2, would be a 2/6 chance).

This highlights one of the differences between many modern systems and old school inspired systems. There aren't rules for everything. As the Referee, you have to decide whether something is possible, whether a roll is required, and how that roll is to be made. In general, only require rolls for actions have a chance of failure, and where that failure can bring something interesting to the game. (This is assuming, of course, the action being undertaken is actually possible.)

Let me know if you have more questions!

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okay this is going to sound stupid but i can find alot of instances where it says "spell casting" but i cant find where it says how to actually do it. what i can remember from my gen con game was it was a d6. but i played 15 games at gen con of different systems so i could be wrong. can someone give me a page number because i cant find anywhere where it actually says what to roll and what you need to get on said roll to cast a spell.   thanks in advance

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You don't need to roll anything to cast a spell.
But if a spell is cast At you, you may need to roll a d20 saving throw to attempt to resist it.

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Two great modules that work well with LotFP and are not listed in Punk's blog are:

Deep Carbon Observatory and Maze of the Blue Medusa.
My roll20 game started with DCO and the player from that era liked it best of any we have done.

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Look on page 82 of the Rules and Magic under the "Casting Spells" heading. As mentioned above, there is no roll to cast a spell, it just happens.

I would also suggest checking out the two free spell collections: Eldritch Cock and Vaginas are Magic. In addition to a bunch of new, unusual spells, they include a more interesting method for casting and resolving spells.