Topic: Reverse thinking with Encumbrance Points

It's hard to keep tracking how much you're carrying, how encumbered you are etc.

But here's a trick to make it easy, using the same Encumbrance Points from page 38

Instead of listing gear first, counting it up second, do this:

Spend encumbrance points to gain "slots" to put your items in. (A slot can be just a bullet on a bullet list or w/e, no need to fancily draw out rectangles and such.)

If you want to be unencumbered you can spend one point, if you are ok with being lightly encumbered you can spend two, heavily then three and so on. Chain takes one point and plate takes two.

You start with five slots for normal items for free,

a slot for an oversized item costs 1 point,
five slots for normal items costs 1 point.

If you pick up or drop items you don't have to re-calculate your movement and such all the time. You just see whether you are within the slots you marked up.  You've drawn up your fence and can play within it without having to do arithmetics all the time.

If you find that you run up to the limit, go back to p 38, decide on a new encumbrance level you're ok with, and you can buy more slots.

If you do have lots of empty slots you can sell them back of course.

Good luck♥