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Been a fan for a while now, and I have this habit of making spreadsheets that serve as automated character sheets. This is the (mostly complete) current one I use and thought I'd share it with everyone here.

==What it can do now==

Character Sheet Tab
-Adds the bonus characteristic modifier that comes from being a dwarf or halfing
-Things like Surprise Chance, Base Attack Bonus, and Saving throws are shown based on level and class
-Is the Elf or MU too encumbered to cast? It will say so (this includes the penalty on specialist checks, based on encumberance)
-Calcs Ac based on armor and/if shield

Equipment-Encumberance Tab:
-One tab serves as inventory that calculates encumberance (it even factors in if you are a dwarf) Note: this only works if the three 'types' of weight are put in their proper sections.
-Each 100 coins adds to the item total.

Random Generation Tab:
-randomly generate stats if you need it. Plus starting cash

Magic Tab:
-Known Spells and Spell Slots, will show how many spell slots MUs, Clerics, and Elves have based on level.

Other Information Tab:
-No formulas here. Just a place for properties, investments, retainers, and Notes

Raw data tab:
Where the magic happens, this can be hidden or edited to effect the rest of the formulas in the spreadsheet.

Mount Encumberance & Wagon Encumberanc Tabs:
I have a 'dream game' involving a hexcrawl. So for my own plans I added tabs that calc encumberance of mounts and wagons.

==What it cant do yet==

-Skill values are NOT automated. So Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and skill increases based on stat modifiers do not factor in yet.

-There is a section that shows available skill points if you are a specialist, however, it wont show you how many you have used.

-The tabs are NOT printer friendly. My end goal would be that the first tab can be printed out, but somethings wrong with the margins.

-I would like to make the sheet auto-level up when a character enters enough exp. But that is a distant goal.

-Change formatting to make it look nicer.

==Extra Notes==
Yellow/orange sections can have things entered into them (or are dropdown menues you can modify)
Grey sections are outputs of formulas and should not be directly edited.

below is the Google doc link where you can get it. Feel free to offer suggestions and/or criticism.

Updated "Mark 3" version … sp=sharing

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Re: Lotfp Automated Character(Spread)sheet

I just recently got into Lotfp after years of D&D.  While d&d has hero lab, lotfp has nothing like that, so i appreciate your work.

I've also been working on a excel spread sheet and it's very cool to be able to see yours, and compare formatting/problem solving.  Being my first excel spreadsheet like this, mine is a bit juvenile compared to yours.  I never did finish the encumbrance section because i could not figure it out..

I'll post mine as well.  It can create a finished level 1 character, including picking spells. it however cannot calculate encumbrance yet. … i7jTRzA-nt

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Re: Lotfp Automated Character(Spread)sheet

Thanks for that Relic. Because of it I have included a new tab called 'Printer-friendly character sheet'.

I have tidied up some of the tabs and remade the Magic tab to show the available slots per day and calculate pages used when spells are written in magic books.

The mark 3 … sp=sharing

also, I have realized that viewing these files in google docs looks terrible. For best quality, download and view in libre Calc.

Re: Lotfp Automated Character(Spread)sheet

has there been any more progress on these? I want to run a game on Discord and these would be perfect to use through google docs to share everyone's character sheets (I absolutely hate roll20, please do not suggest it) but there are still a few glotches that I have no idea how to fix by myself.