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I'm a fair-to-middlin' GM, and I'd like to run a LoTFP game at Gencon this year.  I'm almost 100% certain it'll be Death Frost Doom.

I want the party to have a fair chance of getting all the way through - if they choose to - and I'm concerned it may be too long to finish in one sitting.  I'd like the community's advice on what - if anything - to do or change.

Pregens, obviously, and extras "camped out in the cabin" to cover player deaths.  Probably hand-wave a lot of the beginning town (though I think it's important to have at least one human interaction to root the player's sense of duty (if not the characters)).

What else?  6 hours instead of 4?  4 or 8 players instead of 6?  6th level instead of 3rd?  Delete some rooms?  Run something else instead?

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I ran it as a one session game.
I skipped the beginning town and started with them ascending the mountain.
Later, when time was running short, I had the army of the dead start coming out of the crypts and attacking, even though the players hadn't actually set them off yet.

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Good info, thanks Andomedanaea!

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Also, I gave them pre-gens named after scooby Doo characters.