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Greetings all! Perhaps an ignorant question, but is anyone aware of any LotFP homebrew zines that are *currently* being published? I'm familiar with GDF, as well as Undercroft, VRA, and the supplements from Gregorius21778, but am wondering about anything currently in the works by any fans of the game. Thank you in advance for any info. - Scented

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Maybe the Black Dogs 'zine? … e--issue-1 … e--issue-2

I haven't read it, so can't vouch for it.

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Thank you! I will check these out.

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Reliquary Issue 1 is free to download as a PDF. All physical copies are sold out. Issue 2 is on its way.

It is not a LotFP zine, but a system neutral zine. I just happen to play LotFP.