Topic: Looking for a Forum "Moderator"


Confession: I don't check the forums very often. When there's a question about the game, other people seem to give the answers before I do, and when it comes to things that people post things about their personal game, it feels like it would be wrong to give what might be seen as an "official" response to it. Your game should be YOURS first, and I like this being a place where you can do that freely.

I'm looking for someone, lets call them a "moderator," that can just do a few things:

A- delete botspam

B- tell anyone posting something for me personally that they need to contact me via email

C- alert me via email whenever there's an issue I need to address on the forums, like if there are people being nasty to each other or some racist or sexist shit pops up. Not looking for anyone that needs to make the judgment calls and I don't want the moderator to actively sanction other users, so it's not a position of "power", but especially with everything going on in the gaming industry right now and the entertainment world in general it's probably not a good thing to have this space I'm responsible for but don't even look at for weeks at a time...

So if you're interested in these duties, send me an email to