Topic: Play report - Better than any man

Started a campaign with Better than any Man.

When they read the artless version the Players Handbook, two of the players got in my face about how great the feats in Pathfinder are. They also wanted me to write an elaborate history for their characters that they hadn't even rolled up yet.  finally they agreed to play.

The First session we started with a Fighter, Cleric, Magic User, Elf and Halfling. I gave them a bit of a history lesson of the 30 years war. I gave then the History that the Elf and Halfling are, to the best of their knowledge the last of their kind and that they are all deserters from the Croatian Cavalry, which they liked a lot. Also the Mage had started with Rumours of the existence of the Order of Atlantis a group of Magi. They started lost, on the banks of the Sinn river north of Gemunden am Main. The halting tried tracking and found a family of refugees. Then they found the village. They immediately started looking for signs of Magi, but found none. Taking the Road, they went through Gossenheim, where the animals were being slaughtered. and they heard stories of the Sorcerers of Carlsbad. On the second day they made in to Karlstad.

This module resonated with be because I had read the book 1632, in which the Swedes are heroes. I had thought that the players would be torn about hurting the friendly Witches. Instead, the Players were Eager to fight the Swedes and kill the Witches!

They found the refuge camp and learned the rules. Then the Watcher appeared on the wall with her two creatures. Once look and the Creatures and the players were hooked! (and they didn't actually see the pictures. I just described them) The Halfling, Elf and Mage agree to give their weapons to the others and entered the city. They talked to one of the locals then made a quick tour around the city and I described a few sites. They met the Provider and her creature. Then they decided to climb the wall and sneak out at night. Once they were re-united with the Cleric and Fighter, they stole some horses and made their getaway.
Having Heard that Lohr was a center of Witch Hunting, they decided to go there.

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