Topic: Wanted: Lamentations Feb '16 Playtest Doc

Hi All,

I missed out on subj booklet; heard about it too late.

I want a copy and I'm happy to pay for it.

Ping me if you're willing to part with one.

Thanks much,


Re: Wanted: Lamentations Feb '16 Playtest Doc

I have an extra, slightly beat up copy that I let the players use.  We probably don't need it anymore since I'm using a combination of multiple rules iterations + house rules (and I still have my own copy). I'd much prefer to trade for something, but would be willing to sell if that doesn't work out.

I missed out on the Better Than Any Man crowdfund, so I don't have any of those reward books in print, nor any exclusive stuff released before that. I think I have everything from the next crowdfund and forward.

Re: Wanted: Lamentations Feb '16 Playtest Doc

Thanks for the offer!

Hmm, I also missed out on the BTAM crowdfund, and only have my one copy of the Free RPG Day hard copy.

I've only got my single copies of most of the other books too. So unfortunately I don't think I have anything Lamentations to trade.

I do have a copy of this though: … ataBoxShow


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