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I am new to this forum. Please hint at any errors I might be making...

The only (which actually is incredible, come to think of it) unclear thing in the rulebook for me is the difference between Iron Rations and Standard Rations. Hunting gets you standard rations, you need to eat, and food takes up slots. Due to the resource management it might be an important distinction to make (normally, I hate equipment et al, but strangely not so in this game).

Is there anything in the book, or has this already been discussed?

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I do not think any info is given in the rulebook (and this is one of the few criticisms I have of it - it assumes you know what old school RPGs are like and there's a lot of equipment that isn't explained...)

Iron rations generally don't spoil unless something supernatural, or otherwise extreme happens to them (like the character is submerged in sewage or something).

Examples of Iron Rations might be things like beef jerky, hardtack, cheese encased in wax, etc.

Standard rations are things that will spoil, and do so quite quickly in a dungeon environment.

Examples of standard rations are things like an apple, a radish, french bread, a piece of cheese, raw or uncured meat, etc.

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Thank you very much.

Indeed, some things in the Eq Section seem to be taken for granted (eg. Wolvesbane, which - as far as I noticed - is explained nowhere).

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Rule of thumb - check Labyrinth Lord if there's something on the equipment list you don't understand.

Personally I have standard rations spoil after a week and iron rations never spoil.