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"Once, long ago there was a Kingdom of unspeakable wealth that traded in dark wonders, secrets and death. And many of the strange things that are now on earth were theirs. They drew their power and magic from a place, and guarded it fiercely against all. Then, out of spite (somehow) as their Kingdom slowly died, they hid their treasure palace in a lake, and set there: sleepless and indestructible guards. Everyone knows where it is, on the Lock, upriver of Carrowmore. No-one who goes there ever comes back."

This is a (1st ed) AD&D game with some options available from other games that will eventually morph into a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game.

Here is the link to join:

Although this is technically not LoFP, it is very much influenced by it.

Re: Deep Carbon Observatory on roll20

This summer I converted to LotFP but it has been a gradual process that had just begun when I first posted it. Gradually I cut out options until I had a mostly LotFP game. We had out First session Thursday.

Starting Party included a Specialist, an illusionist (AD&D) and a Cleric Henchman. Both Characters started out at 4th Level while the Henchman Cleric is 1st level.
The players were really creeped out by the starting village of Carrowmore. They headed up the river, met the Mummy but refused to engage him in melee. Instead they set him on fire. He jumped in the river and dissolved. Still, they got his sword and key. The fought a quartet of Child-sized Lungfish over a bag that turned out to be full of gold dust.
The watched the foolish wizards duel and did not interfere. When one got eaten by a giant Pike, they didn't interfere. (And thus did not get his spell book)

They found an old church to camp out for the night, but went around the giant toads without fighting them. They broke into the church and tried sleeping there for the night.
But a Turbine Golem showed up. He killed the Henchman Cleric in one attack. The party was able to deal some damage to the Golem, but decided to flee. On the way back to the boat, a crossbow bolt shot out of the darkness and hit the illusionist. (who didn't have a lot of Hit points to begin with) Now he's wounded and they have no way of healing him.
They took the boat back to to the river and anchored it for the night.

The next day, they didn't approach anything they encountered, even if it had treasure.