Topic: RAW: Why by a small weapon when there are spears?


I am currently preparing an equipment list for the weekend (I have three players that are ready to enter Scenic Dunnsmouth), and while I am at the weapons section I wonder why any "smart" player should ever buy a small weapon if he or she could buy a spear.

By RAW (Player Core Book)...

...a small weapon costs 10 sp and deals 1d6 damage

...a spear costs 5 sp ("half the cost"), deals 1d6 damage ("same damage"), is able to receive a charge ("added value") and may be used from the second rank ("another added value").

Okay, I cannot use a spear to cut ropes and I cannot break down doors with it, but that´s about it. Other than that, a spear is just a bit more awkward and perhaps harder to conceal. But the latter should only come into play if none of the PC wears armor and/or medium weapons (like swords, axes and maces), and parties that go that stealthy are rather rare.

My approach: I decided that a spear could break. Whenever the d20 comes up with a "20" in combat, the weapon breaks.

How do you see things?

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Re: RAW: Why by a small weapon when there are spears?

Nobody is going to use a small weapon in open combat when there are other options.

Nobody is going to sneak a spear anywhere.

Re: RAW: Why by a small weapon when there are spears?

Also why carry only one weapon? Small weapon doesn't take much space, so take both!
When you lose your spear, you still have a sword, axe or something similar. Need to bar a door? Leave your spear, but you'll still have your small weapon. Meet an unarmed ally? Luckily, you have a spare weapon.

Why not two spears? Well, that's just silly and inconvenient!