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I figured a thread where we shared info about non-game items that can be useful for our games might be a good idea. Let us know what you have found.

As for me, my wife has a book called Historic Costumes in Pictures by Braun & Schneider. I made photocopies of some of the plates that show clothing from the early 1600's. I use them as visual aids so the players have an idea what the period clothing looked like. It's just one way to make the setting a little richer for the players and get them immersed.

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I don't understand what It can be...

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My useful non-game resources usually tend to be virtual resources. For example, I found this website about life in England in the "Tudor" time period. I found it useful to get a feel for a possible historic background for LotFP games in "old England" (16th Century).

There are for sure websites that offer more detailed information, but I think it is good as a "primer", especially for players who are not familiar with the area.

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