The charm person spell _is_ the classic person held by enchantment thats gets broken after a great period of time in children's stories.


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Thanks for the reply. I went back to the text and found the reference.

Given the task, wide span of history and wild variations in specs, I think you have struck a great balance. Long arms really are for large groups and armies. They are pretty impractical for other applications. Small scale (ie player parties) a brace of pistols is really what you should be looking at.

The armour punching at all ranges is a really good way to distinguish the different long arms.


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I know that it is pretty silly to get specific about the fire arms of the period. I also know that by the time the musket "won out" and the aquebus was not used much any more that the musket had converged towards the arquebus. They had converged in terms of size and weight.

From reading the firearm appendix, the only difference between the musket and the arquebus is that the musket needs a rest and costs more than the arquebus. Otherwise they do the same damage and have the same ranges and range penalties. There is no reason why you would pick a musket instead of an arquebus.

Have I missed something?


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At those rates you want 2 scholars instead of 1 alchemist.

As far as I understand it, in the middle ages pursuit of alchemy was seen as trying to set up your retirement through playing roulette - the short path to bankruptcy.

Never heard of it.

LotFP seems to be more towards cutting out, separating and refining classes than adding more in.

Nothing to stop you from adding them in yourself, though.


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If the beholder does not roll to hit, I would be inclined to say breath because you are trying to dodge the ray.


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I am firmly in the silver standard camp as well. I have been for about 20 years of gaming. I started when playing Runequest in the late 80's. There is no historical basis for using a gold standard or the silly large coins of A DnD.

Just knocking everything down a notch is not that hard. Then gold becomes pretty darn special.


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As a kind of wanky gamer philosophy thing, increasing inflation of ability scores was one of the "bad" parts of A D&D. It is like you need to be as high as this sign to take this ride. Whereas in OSR the army takes anyone who comes.

In the older rule sets the attribute scores were not so important. You roll up the stats and game on. You don't sit there rolling character after charatcer untill you get some "18"s just to make the character "playable"


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I reckon this would definitely fall into the rulings side rather than the rule side.

On the face of it - Roll a d6 add your strength bonus and a +1 if you get a run up. What the target number is depends on what the DM says beforehand. Halflings and dwarfs get a -1 because of their stumpy legs.


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fmitchell wrote:

Which one are you looking at?

My apologies, I was looking at one while thinking about the other.


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Why not stagger the hitpoint dice? Every even level a 1d6? That way they are not so cock-sure in combat. As things are they have the hefty hitpoints of the fighter.

With stealth working on the 1d6 scale, it is a bit tough to apply any modifiers.

Easier to simply say "No" when the conditions are unfavourable.


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I'll wait until you release more stuff then.


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Cool. Cause I would rather give my money directly to you.


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Is it coming to the LotFP store, or only through RPG Now!


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Nihilistic_Impact wrote:

Handgun 1d6+1d4(!)  <20' <50' <80' Reload 1 Turn, ignore 2 AC

Longarm 1d8+1d4(!) <50' <150' <300' Reload 2 Turn, ignore 4 AC

I really think that you want to leave open the chance that a fire arm will do only 1 point of damage. I think making them highly variable is a good thing. I would rather roll 1d10 for hand guns and 1d16 for long arms. Get 1d16 by rolling a d8 and a d6. Use the d6 to determine if you add 8 to the d8 or not.

I don't like the idea of putting a bell curve on damage, too deadly.


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What is DDN?


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Niagra is not likely even a person. Save your breath mate. Registered, 2 posts. One is simple "Wow!" and the other "thankyou!". It is a bot. A spam bot at that.


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Thanks heaps for all the ideas guys. I really like the "Treasure is calculated for XP only after it has
been returned to a secure location." part of LotFP.

I am going to use the trigger of spending the cash as the trigger for when the gains are accrued. I am not going to go into the idea of "class appropriate" spending, nor am I going to go into acquiring as separate from spending. Both are a bit too tricky to be worth going into.

I like the idea that if you don't spend it you get nothing. That is if you acquire it but some grubby hobbit robs you before you get back to the pawnshop, you had better track down the little bugger fast. This leads to more adventure and a bit of tense desperation after the adventure is "over".


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One of the things that I really like in LotFP is the trigger for Xp award. The part where you get it when you bring back treasure from uncivilised parts to a civilised area. This brings the focus of the game to "exploring the unknown".

With the publication of Vornheim (and the recent urban/suburban stuff), the civilised realm has been opened up for "adventure".

This brings me to my question, what triggers the granting of Xp for loot? I am tending to think, when you sell it and convert it to coin. Or after it clears hock at the three golden spheres.

What do you guys think?

Should it revert to something meta gamey and just be at the end of the session? I am less jazzed by this one.


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How are the hardbacks going to be made available? I am burning to get one.

I did not even know that there existed a James Edward Raggi the first through third much less a fourth when the Indiegogo had already gone.

So, I could not put my penny in the pot. Are you going to send out an e-mail or something? What will be the forum of the notification?


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If I were in your position, I would get the boxed set. I would also pick up the hardback when it comes out. It never hurts to have another set of rules at the table. The hard back is only going to be rules book. It will not have the referrees book, or the turtorial.

I would also pick up some of the adventures. Those are where the game really shines. If there aren't any of the print copies, get the pdfs.


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Given the rate of mortality rates of LotFP, what happens when in a party harbouring psychonauts has one of the members die.
Does the new character rolled up and joining the party have to sleep 100 metres away from the others? Do they get infected as well?

Any suggestions?


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The parts of the term "psychonaut" are pretty straight forward. "Soul Sailors" in ancient greek. They are the sailors and your soul is the boat.


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That is awesome. I felt my heartrate increase as I read that. Thanks.