Vincent Baker/Cynthia Shephard's Seclusium of Orphone has funded!  2 down, let's see how many more can fund in the homestretch.  I think there are another 4 with a good shot--if they all funded, the $100 package would pay off.  And there are a few more beyond that that might have a chance.

I've been thinking about what might be called the game theory aspects of this campaign--if lots of people buy in a lot, the big packages do really well, but if everyone sits on the sidelines, it's unattractive to pledge $180 to get say two adventures.  The initial suggestion of piling on the big projects has had some success--I think it's extremely likely that Jeff Rients's game will fund, and likely that Vincent Baker's and Anna Kreider's will as well.  But even those are likely to fund late in the campaign.  Furthermore, if big donors pile in on those, there's a real risk that they would overfund at the last second if enough fund that the grab bag starts looking desirable--which is not a bad thing, exactly, but is inefficient because it would be better for more projects to fund.

I wonder if some coordination could help with this.  The idea would be trying to get people who haven't pledged yet to "pledge to pledge" to whatever campaigns need them to fund in the last day or two--almost like matching funds for a charity drive.  If people are planning on kicking in $100 at the end, then if they announce that now, in a coordinated way, we could get information now that, for example, 6 games will fund, not 3.  That should give people who are funding already the confidence to increase their contributions to $100, which would then help more games fund, and so forth--even if that just makes Broodmother Sky Fortress fund faster, that would allow the pledged to pledge funds to be directed more strategically to help another game over the line.

I don't know whether this is feasible--it would take something like $29K of pledges sitting on the sidelines but "pledged to pledge" to guarantee that 6 games would fund, because the top 6 games are at a total of about $7000.  But even if all that could be said was that the top 3 games are guaranteed to fund if all of the pledges to pledge come in (roughly $12K needed), that would still inspire more confidence, which should bring in the higher level pledges.

Anyway, if there are people who are planning to put money into the campaign, but haven't, posts with actual dollar amounts in this thread, with a commitment to follow-through in a coordinated way, might help.