From the distance, the village looks abandoned. It is a collection of thatch-roofed houses surrounded by a wooden wall but none of the chimneys are smoking. Livestock runs rampant on the streets and cows are grazing in the fields after having broken through the fences. As you get closer, you see the first sleepers, in all sorts of places and clothes and looking as if they had just now sat down to take a nap. But they have whittled down to skin and bone and those left outside have already died. However, there is no sign of decomposition on the bodies and the pigs roaming the village have not touched the living or the dead. When one of you swats a mosquito, it dawns on you all that even mosquitoes are avoiding the sleepers...


I am Ville "Burgeri" Vuorela and yes, I am part of James Raggi's Grand Adventure campaign. I thought I would write a couple of lines about the Dreaming Plague adventure.

My proposed adventure, The Dreaming Plague, is a mix of fantasy, horror and trippy stuff you might have expected from Michael Moorcock back in the good old days. Or in my very own Stalker RPG when the gamemaster finally loses touch with reality after running the game for too many hours straight. Despite the red box D&D having been my first commercial RPG, I am not really part of the OSR tradition and my background is more in the old Stormbringer/RQ/Ars Magica style of play. My forte has been setting up confrontations by arms or preferably intrigue rather than drawing up dungeons. I hope you won't hold that against me and I promise to have a dungeon or two as part of the Dreaming Plague.

The adventure is set in the Holy Roman Empire in 1506 AD, since James seems to have penchant for that time period and culture. The characters are a motley crew of scum and villainy from all over the old world, whose ancestors were part of an ancient sacred order. That is how they get embroiled in a supernatural conspiracy behind an outbreak of a strange plague that has put most of the population in the remote Barony of Aunger into an enchanted and ultimately lethal sleep. My intro text talks about the veil of nightmares and dreams of all sorts play a key role in the adventure. And that is about all I can say without spoiling it. I really like the idea, so that if my adventure doesn't get funded, my own Praedor players will probably run across these events in some form or another.

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