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Suppose there are 2 - 4 adventures I'm interested in now (true). If I fund all four, am I locked out of the higher options? Suppose I contribute $20 to each of the four now, and later feel that three will fund and the fourth will not. If I want to upgrade to "The Faithful" at that time, would I
a) tip in $120 extra to one of the projects which will be funded
b) tip in $160 extra to one of the projects
c) tip in $120 to a new project
d) purchase The Faithful for $180 in a new project?

(while understanding that if I miscalculate what is going to fund, too bad for me)

Honestly, this campaign is almost defined by analysis paralysis for me. On the one hand, I like the idea of the grab bag. Pick one project I know I want and let fate dictate the rest. On the other hand, I may as well pick five projects I like for $100 as six random for the same amount.