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Great to hear that gunpowder rules are being added but I'm pretty keen to see this finally released.


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Personally I've always loved the silver standard because it makes gold very special. The look of a on players faces when they find something made of gold is priceless.

As others have said its also more realistic and given LotFPs pretty harsh encumbrance rules its important to allow the PCs to actually leave with a decent haul.

Getting back on topic I just wrapped my LotFP campaign this week. It ran for 15 months so I'd say yes the rules definitely had staying power. The characters got to 6th/7th level and I'm keen to return to the campaign down the track as there is plenty of material still to explore.

On the topic of monsters. I made a stack of them up and for the rest I just used the Rules Cyclopaedia. There are so many monster manuals out there I'm sure we all have at least one or two already.

Yep, love the back cover charts, use them every session.

Great effort by Kelvin, got nearly half the funds in 24 hours.


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JimLotFP wrote:

Jeff Rients bio:

Jeff Rients received the 1981 Basic D&D box for his eighth birthday and he's never been quite right since.  A regular contributor to Fight On! magazine, a fixture at his local nerd conventions and a general purpose weirdo, Jeff is perhaps best known for his long running blog, the imaginatively titled Jeff's Gameblog, where his greatest contributions to the hobby may be rules for getting your PC into trouble while drunk or his theory that all RPGs are Retro, Stupid and/or Pretentious.

Bang! That's another module I'll be funding. Great get!


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James raises a good point on authors hopefully working hard to publicize their modules. That is the best hope for this venture. My biggest concern for the higher funding levels is that someone tips in say $250 and only 3 modules fund. The solution is naturally to hold off on the higher contribution rates until its a sure thing but that means not much happens with everyone waiting to committ. Ideally lots of the modules attract a broader audience who may only want 1 or two efforts so there is no incentive for them to hold off until the last minute.

One question. If someone funds say 3 individual campaigns, is there a mechanism for them to upgrade to one of the packages?


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JimLotFP wrote:
Fiasco wrote:

Lots of communications and updates will be key on this one.

I plan on having a thread here where I update how every adventure is doing every day.

I'm thinking there also should be coordination on your guys' part, "let's hit this adventure, then this one, then this one," because 9 adventures getting funded is better than 18 getting half-funded.

I'll have to stay out of that bit though since it would be really bad for for me to say "Fund THIS one before the others!"

Yeah, I think that is a good idea.  Of course it only works for people who don't care what module they get.  If its a particular module or two you want, there is no point strategically putting funds elsewhere.  Likewise, since some of the mid range options only gets you a random choice, you are pretty much forced to chuck your money into the module you want the most, whether its already funded or not.

I think it would be a big shame if people take some of the higher level funding options but tie it to a module that doesn't fund, and hence all the funding is lost across the board.  Maybe an option where people can cancel a pledge and move it elsewhere if required?   

Please don't take these musings as critical of what you are doing.  I realise that you are heavily constrained by what can be done while going through Indiegogo.


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Yeah I get that. It's unfortunate that people getting package deals can't distribute the love a cross the range.

Lots of communications and updates will be key on this one.

I was browsing the catalogue for modules to purchase for inclusion with my Hardcover when it ships and to my dismay a number of classics like Tower of the Stargazer are out of print!  Is there any plan for another print run?


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I've very excited by this campaign.  Hopefully the diversity of writers and illustrators attracts a broad range of investors rather than just diluting the potential funds amongst so many products that none end up funding.

One pertinent question.  What happens if we have some modules exceed their funding levels and others fall short?  Is there  some mechanism for diverting funds to get others funded as well?   Tricky question I know and I can understand that having several modules over fund is probably a more profitable outcome and hence better for LotFP publishing's long term success.