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I’m a regular backer of most of the recent LotFP campaigns, but haven’t yet added my tupence (and then some) to the latest campaign. It’s not that I don’t want to – great stuff on display – but right now I’m still waiting for books and/or updates on so many LotFP products from campaigns past, that I’m just a tad bothered with parting with more money.

I know Broodmother/Towers/Thieves are sort of outta your hands, but there’s still no sign, nor update, on the two scenarios from the Better Than Any Man-campaign that you should be in charge of. And now you add a new ref-book, upshine of 2+ old scenarios and lots of general editing and coordination to the work load, and it just makes me skeptical about the whole thing.

I know that you’ve set a wiiide delivery date for this latest campaign and I know that it’s basically my loss, if I don’t chip in, but like I said, I actually would love to add to the campaign – but I’m four books down – two are more than a year late. You try to run LotFP as pro-business, and I salute that, but as customer I would really like an update on progress and time horizon, before I commit to the final sprint of this latest venture.


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How will the commentaries be added to the book? Text boxes, footnotes, "handwritten" in the margin (like in Stealing Cthulhu)?

Once my copy of Bettet Than Any Man arrives I will hopefully get a campaign going, set Germany/Poland around the 30 Year War.

I plan to use the demihumans but make them sort exotic for the area. So the Dwarf will be from the far East (with a russian feel), the elf will be from the far South (with heavy Moor influence) and the Halflings will be a gypsy-style people, popping up here and there. That way the will be rare, but not supernatural and unheard of.


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Oh I hope it's good, I really do. But I also believe, from both my own experience and from reading feedback on a number of KS projects, that delays of a length like this, sours the experience for a lot of people. Just like it would if I went to a good restaurant, the food was ace but took forever to arrive at the table. It's part of the big picture.

And in the rpg world, where a lot stuff is constantly spit out by creative people, I think there is a great danger of people loosing interest. For example, one of the main reasons I put money into the Monolith/God projects was because of the promise of rules for firearms, LotFP-style, because I had a people lined up for a campaign that would benefit greatly from having these rules at the table. Then the rules didn't turn up (untill now) and the campaign ended up going nowhere. With delays of a year or more, I think the risk of moduls being overlooked or meh'ed but the original backers is quite high, which is double sad, when LotFP should be having momentum right now with Better Than Any Man et al.

The delays to Horror Among Thieves and Towers Two has made me sceptical about putting money into future LotFP project svia Kickstarter or Indiegogo, at least from writers who's not established. That's the sad truth. We're also missing two outta four scenarios from the RPG Day campaign. It's just not a track record that motivates me, to put more money into LotFP.

And c'mon, the scenarios were set to be 32 pages! That's less than a page a week (actually more like half a page) to be written by the authors. How that can fail and fail so badly, from people who should be sort of professionals, I really can't get my head around.


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Shucks, most of all for you.

Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, you should in the future be less of a nice guy and more of an all-in badass publisher? I mean, from the campaigns you've run it's obvious, that a lot of cool people wants to write for LotFP and you're not only fucking publishing, printing and distributing peoples books and creating a buzz about them, your also paying people (good money it seems) and getting cool artwork to go along with it. It kinda pisses me off that people turn stuff in a year+ late - it's disrespectful to the people who funded and preordered, but most of all disrespectful to you, as a publisher, and your business.

And yes, there can of course be all kinds of stuff getting in the way of writing, but when I read that latest LotFP post on Kelvin Greeens blog, it's kinda shocking. "I'd intended to have it completed by Christmas and it's clear that I am not ready for even semi-professional publishing." Well maybe you should have thought, just a little, about that before you signed up for the job! WTF!?!

Sorry if this ended up being rather rant-like, but it annoys me as a customer and it annoys me even more as a person who works professionally with tight deadlines all the time. It's really not THAT hard. To me, it would be perfectly acceptable for you to, by now, take Two Towers outta the hands of Brockie and giving it to someone who can finish the damn thing in a way that you, as the publisher, would be satisfied with.

ok, in the update dating back a month, Brockie wrote, that he had been given a week to get things cracking. Since then there's been no news about Towers Two, other than about GWAR shows on a (for me) far away continent.

How's it coming along - here a year post-funding? Have  people been draften in to help getting it done?

In general I have had a good feeling about all the LotFP fundy projects, even the delayed ones, but this just rubs me the wrong way - it sounds very far from finished. And again, it's a year on.


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JimLotFP wrote:

Firearms rules will appear in the appendix of the upcoming hardcover Rules & Magic book.

Sounds ok, but I really would like to have been updated on this. Now the poor firearm-rules have travelled from The God That Crawls to its own 64-page book and now into the appendix of Rules & Magic. Without apperaring in any kinda (pdf-)version.

Maybe it's been announced over at G+, but updates on the blog or the IndieGoGo/Kickstarter pages would really be appreciated.


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So, some 6 months later, I allow myself to bump this post.

Any news on the Early Modern Supplement?

I know that it was posted earlier in 2013, that it was not "a *front burner* project", but...

it was kinda the reason I bought into the Monolith/God campaign and as the direction Lamentations seems to be taking (from the look of Joop van Ooms, Scarecrow, DLD) is exactly early modern, I think it would be a really useful addition, and selling point, for Lamentations, and the LotFP shop.

So, an ETA? Arrival alongside one of the more recent campaigns (to save some shippin')?

As LotfP-fans and backer of the RPG Day-kickstarter, I plan to review all the scenarios of this campaign, as well as the ones from the July-campaign, ones they get here.

This is the first one and it contain some spoiler.

Lamentations of The Gingerbread Princess
-  All gimmick, little content

A local lord has in fit of intolerance chased of all the local halflings, but now misses them and their skills, so he sends some “heroes” on their way to get them back. Unfortunately the Halflings have ended up in the wicked, crazy and sweet sweet Land of Milk and Honey, hidden behind a magic hedge in the forest.

That's the plot in "Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess, and while there are plenty of interesting ideas in the scenario, it’s also seriously flawed, I think.

What it first and foremost lacks is structure.

It starts out with a short background story, explaining the mission of the scenario, and then goes straight into the encounters of the scenario. There is no synopsis; no overview of the plot or what is going to happen or general presentation. This makes a mess of the reading experience.

Throughout the text you get very little explanation of the critters and encounters the characters comes across. For example, you hear of the Dark Heart of the Wood, but it’s never explained what it really is (apart from something that hates lawfuls and clerics) and when the big villain first turns up, he is not described until several pages later in text. It’s also unclear whether the poor girl that the characters encounter is one of the Halflings or another girl, just as the Halflings turn into ‘villagers’ at some point of the text. And there’s no numbers or links to which room is which on the lone map.

The text is filled with small haw-haw notes from the author (“any elf poser be straight trippin yo”, “because who wants to chew through black licorice? Blarg.” etc.) and stuff like a pixie demanding that the characters “perform a nearly impossible sex-act”, making it sound more silly and childish than edgy.

The whole theme of a candy village inhabited by teddy bears and cherubs is novel, but, even for said creatures wickedness, is rather silly and hardly in tune with what I expect from LotfP.

The editing is ok, if a little sloppy. There's some uses of different fonts in the text, that looks messy, but could be intentional, and there is several inconsistencies in spellings, that should/could have been fixed with a thorough proof reading (Dark Heart of the Woods or Dark heart of the wood?, Mistysparkles or Misty Sparkles?). 

The cover art is by the always excellent Cynthia Sheppard and the interior art (by Amos Stern) is fine and fitting.

So no, this will not be my print scenario of choice.


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Check and cool.

I'll look forward to reading them, whenever they arrive.


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Back in august, when it was announced that the modern firearms wouldn't be part of The God That Crawls, the timeline of ze gunz pdf was a month or so ("The firearms rules will go up as a free PDF sometime this coming month when I have the marbles to get that together")

So now I'm just wondering if there is (or has been) an update on the gun-rules - or if the marbles are still somewhat seperated?


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I moved my Grindhouse pdf into my Kindle and it's not a perfect fit, i think. If the text is fitted to the screen, the lettering is tiny, close to unreadable and if you zoom in, it cut's the screen annoyingly in half/parts. So yeah, I would also love a version fitted for Kindle specially.


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Could something similar be done with the 100-150$ contributions? God/whoever forbid it, but if only one (or two) campaigns get fully funded, then they end up as kinda freakin' expensive scenarios for contributors at these levels.

But go campaign(s)!

...and now I know. Jebus.

Looks strange, one contributor to the July campaign signing a petition against another contributor (if it's not a fake signature).

James' statement today on the LotFP blog... what's it about? I don't check a lot of rpg-forums or blogs, so I'm a tad baffled by it. Who's flinging shit and why?


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Sure Enrico seems on the annoying side, but what about that James guy - total killer GM! I wouldn't like to play with him AT ALL smile


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Very nice line-up. I would have loved to see a couple from the Hardcover-campaign carried over (Graeme Davis & Zak mainly) but it's cool with new faces.

I'm also looking very much forward to reading pitches/teasers from the less known people, to read what they plan to do with Lamentations.

Go campaign!


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I would like for the text go a bit more into detail about combat & stat modifiers. As it is now, I think it’s rather intuitive for most players/readers/gm’s how this works, but if new players get a hold of the book in the future, I think it would be cool if it explained a bit more. Especially as this will get a life without the tutorial book.

For example, in the chapter about combat, the basic ‘making an attack’ is described like this:

“The referee will inform the player what the opponent’s AC is, and the player roll a D20 to determine if his character hits. If the result is equal to or greater than the defender’s AC (including all modifiers), the character inflicts the weapons damage” (page 57)

Including all modifiers? These modifiers are not mentioned or described in the combat section at all. As far as I can tell, they are only mentioned much earlier in the description of stats (on page 2-3) and here only described as:

“Strength modifiers affect the character’s ability to hit in mêlée combat” (affects how?)

And on page 20 (“Record Attack Bonus”), where the different classes basic attack bonus is described and explained a little, there’s no mention of the strength/dexterity modifiers to combat rolls.

So if the combat section just had a box/table with explanation about how you add these up, like the useful ones on the character sheets (the special moves for dwarfs, elves & fighters) or on the back of the book, I think it would be helpful and make the rules easier to grasp.


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James, any hints on how firearms will work and be described in the up coming The God that Crawls supplement?


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Ed Dove wrote:

But what I'd really like to insta-fund is the Rules & Magic book as separate Rules and Magic books.

According to the latest update on the campaign, all this will take, is another 1000(ish) Dollars... and I, for one, haven't chip in yet. So I think you got your seperate books, Ed. Good stuff.


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Yeah - I would say that with the direction James is pushing LotFP, with firearms and the more 17th century look and style, there is plenty of overlap and synergy between the two games.

In my view LotFP is pretty much the grittier, less over-the-top version of WFRP.


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burning in your pocket, which of the authors on the Hardcover and Adventures project would you insta-fund?

Having recently run the first two Enemy Within books, I am tempted to say Graeme Davis but I'm also a big Vornheim-fan, so Zak would also be high on my list.

How about you?


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I'm planning my first campaign using LotFP and just got thrown off a bit when it comes to dealing damage with weapons. In LotFP rules does people add their strength modifier to damage? If memory serves me, it did in the D&D I played 15+ years ago, but it doesn't look like it here, neither from the rules nor from the examples of play.



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My name is Kristian, I'm from Denmark and plan to start out a LotFP campaign set in Weird World renaissance Italy as soon as the firearms supplement arrives with The God That Crawls.