Ah, gotcha.

I guess those spirits riding the Diabolist around have given him a few pointers on how to fight. I mean, they wouldn't want their host to perish so easily, would they?

I've been calling the Dwarf a Brute and switching their Architecture bonus to Open Doors. I always pictured them as the guys who win bar fights not because they hit the other guy more (though they still get those fighting options), but because they just take a god awful amount of punishment without going down. Like Homer in that one Simpsons episode where he's a boxer, he only wins because everyone else gets tired of breaking his face in.

Dwarf > Brute
Architecture > Open Doors
Preserve Encumbrance
Preserve Fighting Options

The Halfling became a Vagabond with 5 in climb and 3 in languages. They have a knack for getting into places they shouldn't be, and because of all their travelling have experience with a lot of languages. You can preserve the weapon encumbrances as a Vagabond needs to be able to move quickly to get out of any trouble he's been in.

Halfling > Vagabond
Stealth > Climb
Bushcraft > Languages
Preserve Weapon Limits
Preserve Dex Bonus

The Elf was the only one I could never get a good substitute for, but I like the Diabolist and all it's fluff. The only thing I noticed is that you did away with the Fighting bonuses. Was that intentional or did I just miss it?


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