Thanks Littlemute!  I'll check those out.

You know what I'd pay real money for?  A handful of mini-adventures that have no supernatural content whatsoever.  Maybe even a full adventure.  I love the idea of adventuring in the real world, but when every single adventure involves magic and paranormal horror, the supernatural becomes a bit blase'.


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Is the duel scene from the rules book an homage to Arturo Perez-Reverte's 'The Fencing Master'?


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I actually meant to type halflings instead of elves.  Mea culpa.


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I do like the Magician class.  I may work that in.


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We've considered disallowing them.  But a cleric, even with low abilities, doesn't suck.  Their powers make them - literally -miraculous and much sought after.  It should all work within the context of the campaign.


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We are set to kick off our LotFP campaign (The Path to Priour) with the new year, and we're very excited about the weird feel of the system.  We want the 'weird' to stand out as much as possible, so we are altering the classes accordingly.

There will be no demi-humans.  Barbarians and rangers will replace dwarfs and elves as other people have recommended on this site.  Magic-users and clerics are changed as well:

Clerics are blessed with supernatural authority, but Providence chooses its servants to show its own power, not the power of man.  Therefore, clerics are chosen from among the powerless.  You may only play a cleric if your ability rolls are deemed too low to be acceptable. 

Magic-users are umbilically connected to the unpredictable forces of Chaos.  Being a living extension of the essence of pandemonium has consequences; their very bodies have been affected by these strange energies. 
Each magic-user must roll on the table below to discover what deformity has grown in his bent flesh.

Roll (d12)    Deformity
1    "King (or Queen) of Clubs"  One or both of your feet are clubbed.  Your movement is cut by 10’ per round.
2    "Who loves you, baby?" Your body is absolutely hairless.
3    "I’m not dead yet!" An incurable disease of some sort has plagued you since the day you came into your arcane power.  This malady weakens you, granting a -1 to your Con modifier. 
4    "Jump if you feel froggy" Your hands and feet are webbed, making you unable to wear gloves or gauntlets.  If the webbing is cut away, it grows back within 24 hours. 
5    "Small hands…" You suffer from dwarfism.  Your movement rate is cut by 10’ per round and you suffer a -2 to attack rolls with two-handed weapons. 
6    "…smell like cabbage." Your body odor is powerful, odd and disturbing, reminiscent of cabbage, brimstone, rancid meat, etc.  This causes a -1 on all reaction rolls to anyone within 10’ of you. 
7    "Tails, you lose!"  You have a small tail (6+d6 inches long).  It has no mechanical effect, but for God’s sake cover that thing up!
8    "It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you." Ever since you gained your mystical power, you feel as if someone – or something – has been watching you.  This might possibly be all in your head. 
9    "Do you sleep in a hammock…?" You have a large hump on your back and are unable to wear shirts, coats or armor that are not specifically designed for you.  Item tailored to your odd anatomy add 10-20% to the cost.
10    "A deeper shade of pale."  You are an albino: chalky pale skin, pink eyes and all.  This makes you very sensitive to light and you suffer a -1 to all rolls in bright light. 
11    "The evil eye"  Your eyes are two very different colors, possibly inhuman.  One of them bulges a bit. 
12    "The shakes"  Your hands shake with a significant palsy.  With concentration you can keep this under control, but it does affect your reaction time, giving you a -1 to initiative rolls. 

I'm hoping that this will add flavor to the campaign as well as reduce the number of PC playing magic using classes.