"I don't care how much we can get for it," Sister Alice protested. "It is a thing of evil! It should be destroyed. No discussion! No debate..."

"And no thought, either," the Flame Princess interrupted. "Save your self-righteous indignation for the sheep in your flock, zealot! Lazarus promised to pay through the nose for this thing. You can use your share to buy yourself a couple of indulgences to salve your soul."

"How dare you mock my faith, trollop!" Alice shouted. She pounded the table so hard that her mug of ale tipped over and spilled onto the inn's filthy floor. "The Lord..."

"Your Lord can perch on this, bitch!" the Flame Princess made an obscene gesture causing the clerics' face to darken in rage. "Lazarus wanted this damn thing. We sweated, bleed, and nearly died in those cursed ruins to find it. Therefore, we should get paid for our trouble. Now if your church wants to melt it down for trinkets to sell to the gullible, fine! But they're going to have to beat the wizard's price. If not..."

"And if the old blasphemer uses this abomination to bring forth the hosts of Hell?" Alice retorted. "What will you do then?"

"Then I die a very wealthy woman!" the Flame Princess snapped back. "We're all worm food, priestess. We don't get out of this world alive. The only question is 'when?' Besides, you priests see demons and devils behind every rock and shrub. You even see them in your knickers! How do you know that this thing is dangerous?"

"How do I..." Alice sputtered in disbelief at the Flame Princess' glibness.  "First of all it's glowing, you mindless strumpet! You should know by now that is NEVER good!" 

"Ladies," the Magic User interjected quietly, her eyes scanning the seedy characters seated around them. "Your.... ah.... discussion might draw unwanted attention. This might not be the place to discuss such things."


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I'm a 36-year-old, unemployed ( thanks Dubbya), resident of Muskego, WI USA (that's about 15 minutes from Milwaukee) with a useless Journalism degree trying to learn the esoteric art of computer programming in a futile attempt to improve my employment prospects. I got hooked on RPGs when I was 12 after I found a copy of Star Frontiers in the clearance bin at the local Toys R Us. While my conservative parents grudgingly allowed me to play sci-fi games, my mother bought into the Satanic Panic and forbade me to play D&D. By the time I was old enough to tell her to take a flying leap at herself, D&D had moved into 3rd Edition and my gaming interests had turned to miniature wargaming.

When I got out of college, I started to get back into role-playing through my mini-gaming friends. I started with Traveller d20 (eventually I picked up the earlier editions) and one day a friend from a campaign I was playing over IRC invited me to help play test Mutant Future. Even though my first mutant died horriblly after a botched saving throw during his very first combat, the experience inspired me to look into other retro-clone games as well as the original editions of D&D. My friend who introduced me to Mutant Future also got me interested in Tékumel and the original Empire of the Petal Throne is now my favorite fantasy game.

What interests me about LotFP (as well as Carcosa) is that while I do enjoy the entire concept of the OSR, I find the "traditional" fantasy settings to be too vanilla for my tastes. I like a little spice in my fantasy games, and I appreciate anyone who is will to ignore (and even flip-off) convention to provide it.

Oh...I too have a blog.