Okay, cool. I was on the right track.



OK, I just read it, and read the section on the exit several times. I want to make sure I understand it correctly, because sometimes I make mistakes.

Question 1:

a) The exit is a foggy hole in the white corridor. There is a stone door attached to it (there's one portal that can be closed).


b) There's also a stone door *next* to the foggy hole, in the tunnel. The stone door is open. (there's two portals)

I *think* it's a.  I ask for clarification because stone door "stands open beside the hole."

Question 2:

If I close the door which happens:

a) Everyone who is still in the monolith is stuck in the monolith, but no one can hurt me while I hold it shut (I am the multiverse's savior). Others can exit through the door or the foggy hole, before I shut the door, but I cannot.

b) everyone is suddenly outside and everything is normal (aside from any exceptions)

I *think* it's a.

If I leave by the hole in the wall, I am back in the valley and the monolith is still there. I can leave the valley. Everything that is fucked up is still fucked up. I can't shut the door and also leave, which seems clear, as are the consequences of destroying it.

It's a fantastic module, BTW. I am very happy to have backed it.

I haven't read the box set yet, but it should be here any day.

If DFD is supposed to be compatible with WF, and WF has no monster list, then shouldn't you stat the monsters? Most GM's won't need it since we have access to old books or other clones, but the new people might need it.


You have already established that you have your own voice when it comes to fantasy role playing. I think you would generate substantial interest in either a campaign sourcebook or a box set game.

I would like to see a LOTFP box set include a campaign sourcebook, especially if it reflects the sensibilities of your modules. *That* would appeal to those of us who already have a favorite clone. Something DM's could either use whole cloth or crib from.

At the same time, the completeness of a box set and friendliness of a well-done tutorial would appeal to the uninitiated.


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A 40 YO here, although I am not gaming again. Yet.

My first D&D game was the red box, camping in a cave. I was an elf. In my teens, I "played" and by played I mean my friends and I munchkined through the box sets and AD&D 1e. Played a little Tunnels and Trolls and Man Myth and Magic too. In college, I played Champions mainly, also Cyberpunk, ShadowRun, 1e and the occasional Call of Cthulhu and Toon.

After school, I pretty much dropped out of gaming. Now I find I want to play again and want to play the way we did back then. I'm in grad school and am a dad, so I haven't found time for a regular game. Hopefully I will soon.