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My name is Rich, I am 32 and live in South Jersey. I am a mechanical engineer and I am currently finishing up law school. I started gaming by adapting the rules from gamebooks and making up adventures with my friends. I remember using Tolkein Quest, Car Wars, Lone Wolf, and something about Excalibur Jr. We moved on to the Mentzer Red Box from there. I have been playing various RPGs for the last 22 years. When I play D&D I prefer the older versions.

I am currently running an 1st Ed./OSRIC game set in Stonehell. Last week the party's ranger took a teleport to "a random room in a dungeon of the Labyrinth Lord's choosing." I chose a small room with a map pointing to Hammers of the God.

I have to admit, I started my game not long before the LL AEC came out, and I really wish I had gone that route instead.

I became aware of LotFP through the Grognardia blog, and got the box set and several of the modules. I love the way the modules are written and have been looking for an excuse to work them into my game.

I am also a huge fan of RPG podcasts like The Podgecast and Fear the Boot.