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Some systems are far more generous in their monster XP awards than others; for example, C&C compared to BECMI D&D. I actually like the idea of 100XP per hit die for monsters, provided that monsters that are not a significant threat to the party give no XP. The XP gained would be more significant to low level characters than high-level ones, which feels right, because it's the characters with low hit points that are risking the most by tackling monsters.

I like Jeff Rients' idea of XP for spending treasure, rather than getting treasure. I think this idea was in the First Fantasy Campaign supplement too, which listed different things characters could choose to waste their money on.

GAZ3: The Principalities of Glantri gives a variable XP system for MUs, under which they would probably get most of their XP from studying arcane tomes. Of course, this means they have to get hold of such tomes first. Adventures which include libraries would be popular with MUs under this system! In general, I like the idea of different character classes getting XP for different things, but I don't think XP should be awarded for things that are too easy (e.g. casting spells) or that already provide in-game benefits (e.g. magic items). I was thinking Fighter types might get full XP for monsters and treasure, Rogues no XP for monsters and double XP for gold, MUs 1/2 xp for monsters and gold, but 500xp for each tome studied and retained in their library (so they have to have a residence with a library too . . . they are going to need a lot of gold!).

The Dying Earth RPG allows players to select their own goals before or during a game session. XP is then awarded if the player made significant progress towards their goal in the face of adversity, or if they tried hard to achieve their goal but were thwarted by circumstances. I quite like the idea of this as an alternative to "story" awards. Maybe allow PCs the option to change their goal once per session, to take into account new circumstances arising during the adventure.

Then why don't you  try just 100XP per hit die for monsters???