Confession: I don't check the forums very often. When there's a question about the game, other people seem to give the answers before I do, and when it comes to things that people post things about their personal game, it feels like it would be wrong to give what might be seen as an "official" response to it. Your game should be YOURS first, and I like this being a place where you can do that freely.

I'm looking for someone, lets call them a "moderator," that can just do a few things:

A- delete botspam

B- tell anyone posting something for me personally that they need to contact me via email

C- alert me via email whenever there's an issue I need to address on the forums, like if there are people being nasty to each other or some racist or sexist shit pops up. Not looking for anyone that needs to make the judgment calls and I don't want the moderator to actively sanction other users, so it's not a position of "power", but especially with everything going on in the gaming industry right now and the entertainment world in general it's probably not a good thing to have this space I'm responsible for but don't even look at for weeks at a time...

So if you're interested in these duties, send me an email to lotfp@lotfp.com.



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yeah, the next edition of the rules is quite aways off.


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Darwin00uk wrote:

Hey Jim, did you manage to finish the Refs book this summer?

Still at it, I'm hoping to have my part done before I leave for Spiel.


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Yeah, need to email me. Crunk has the right email address there.


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ahh, I've been out of things awhile. Getting back on track...

Cheesepaws wrote:

As a backer, I know that I would pay even more next time if there was some kind of effort to help keep free product FREE,   or to make a budget copy available for nearly free....especially if I knew I was getting something special in return as a backer.

What do you suggest? Even when I did 10000 copies of a Free RPG Day book a few years back and you'd think that would just flood the market with extra copies, people were still selling them and some places are still selling them for exorbitant amounts. Even when the Pay What You Want PDF is promptly uploaded a couple weeks after the event, people are still selling them.

(Selling my spare copies of VAM! for 5€ when backers originally paid 20€+ doesn't seem right either. I am bringing copies to conventions, where I will be selling them for 25€ by themselves, or free with 100€ purchase. pprroofffitteerriinnggg)


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yeah, Ref screen will go to press same time as the Ref book (and the slipcase will need to wait until both parts of the Ref book, including the monster book), are done. Doing everything I can to get all that stuff wrapped up this summer.

If you're wanting to use material from Veins, you need to ask Patrick.


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If Stealth is used, or if there's a clever setup relevant to the current situation, use the 1-4.

It's not automatic because surely the player group will be subject to a lot more possible ambushes over the course of a campaign, got to cut them a break somehow.


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I don't check in here all that often, and when I do I don't comment much. Obviously. I particularly want to stay out of the play reports/style stuff, since I don't want to ever even hint that people are playing LotFP wrong in their home games. There's no reason your game should match whatever "platonic" LotFP is this release cycle.

But you'd think that the software would alert me when there's a spam report.

I have a question though... there are some users on here thatdo exclusively contentless posts. (http://test.lotfp.com/RPG/discussion/post/5370/#p5370 or http://test.lotfp.com/RPG/discussion/post/5369/#p5369 for examples)

I've eliminated similar accounts before, but does anyone know what this is? Are these just real people who don't have much to say and just type this stuff... or are they some sort of bot or what is going on? Does this happen on other boards?

Nobody is going to use a small weapon in open combat when there are other options.

Nobody is going to sneak a spear anywhere.


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I endorse Crunk's post.


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I still have a few copies that I'm holding back for the two upcoming conventions. PDF should be out after GenCon.


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Monster portion (and that's going to be a 250+ page book) this year (production stuff willing in the fall...), the rest next year.


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This is something that's happening every so often, but not with every customer. So far we haven't been able to replicate the error on our side here, but the given workaround does work.


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Reversible spells.


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You always have permission to copy anything LotFP for personal use.

What sort of formal statement you'd need that a copyshop counter employee would accept, I have no idea.

The reprint of the R&M book coming this month is unchanged from the last printing, so no worries for another year or maybe two.

Going forward though there is a serious problem. There are still some outstanding projects in which Clerics, for example, figure strongly into the material, but going forward there are issues when it comes to outside writers and LotFP projects. It's getting a bit tiresome on my end to need to tell people not to write for the rules, and not to use the rules as a basis for setting assumptions.

Fact is that even a tiny project like Idea from Space carries a price tag of thousands of euros. I've been lucky in that no book I've released has been a complete and total flop but the possibility is always there and if I'm risking several months' worth of rent on the low side (and in extreme cases an entire's year worth of income), I'm going to make sure the project aligns with my sensibilities. It'll be bad enough for a project I believe in to be a failure (and it will come, sooner or later); I don't want to find out what it feels like if a thing I didn't even like but produced as a cash grab fails utterly and fucks my life.

Summing up, basically, the audience for LotFP material is me, with the business plan basically being hoping like hell that other people want to come along for that ride. If my tastes and those of the buying public diverge to the point where I can't keep going, that's it. Done. There will be no attempt to chase other peoples' tastes.

Balance and making sure opposition won't wipe the PCs out is only an issue if you force a confrontation at a certain point. If the PCs have options to avoid a fight being necessary or even foreknowledge and the ability to prepare, then the potency of opposition is not your problem.

TheBlackHandedWarlord wrote:

yet 5 HD critters are common enough to run in numbers.

How so?

foxroe wrote:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

It's not "broke", per se, but the rules as written no longer reflects how I personally play the game.

I don't use demi-humans or Clerics at all.

So the choices for PCs are Fighters, Magic-Users, and Specialists. Some additional level of customization for PCs seems to be in order when the basic choices are cut down like that.


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If you see spam, hit the report button. When you add more useless shit posts to address the problem of useless shit posts, you are behaving no different than the spammer.

Falcatta wrote:
JimLotFP wrote:
Falcatta wrote:

Will the new Ref Book expand on the Grindhouse edition's advice on creating unique monsters for one's games? I thought I'd read there may be more monster creation tools...

Yes, there will be a full-scale monster generator.

How will the Ref Book's monster generator differ, say, from the Random Esoteric Creature Generator?

The RECGFCFRPGATMS spits out mostly physical D&D-ish monsters. Owlbears and fishfoxes that suggest ecologies and all that, with some outlying possibilities of strange stuff. The new monster generator focuses on the weirdshit WTF impossibilities worthy of creatures from other dimensions.

Also, less rolls resulting in quicker creation.


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I just answered this elsewhere, but in case it helps anyone else:

The LotFP store has a quirk where every so often the downloaded file is missing the file extension (and we can't figure out why it does this). if that's the issue, rename the file, adding ".pdf" at the end, and that'll clear that up.

Falcatta wrote:

Will the new Ref Book expand on the Grindhouse edition's advice on creating unique monsters for one's games? I thought I'd read there may be more monster creation tools...

Yes, there will be a full-scale monster generator.

Goblinshenchman wrote:

Are these players going to resist getting the LotFP monster book – if not you are rapidly back to square 1!

Players that read the monster section are going to shit their pants and be paranoid as hell. It won't be a matter of knowing what a monster does and knowing the strategy to beat it, it's more along the lines of worrying that every hill they come across might be the living hill and that'll make their adventure impossibly difficult... or realizing the monster that rearranges the stars is active in the area, or...

Don't think of LotFP monsters in terms of encounters, think in terms of plot devices.

To my mind, there is a place for monsters like orcs in RPGs, they are like the Storm Troopers in Star Wars movies. They are the canvas that makes the big baddy like Darth Vader look better.  If every Storm Trooper was a Darth Vader then where do you go from there?

Use humans. Instead of the enemy being aggressive and dangerous because they're orcs, you need to come up with some better reason than that (which in turn gives motivations to not fight). If fighting with humans seems boring, asking "Why is this fight happening? Does it make sense in-game, or is this because it is expected to have a certain amount of fighting during a session?" might be in order.

Personally I think it is debatable if it is necessary to force DM’s/GM's to think outside of the box by the simple mechanic of depriving them of the most commonly used/known monsters. However, if it works and makes life more exciting then more power to you!


It's not a matter of forcing the Ref to think outside the box, it's making the world more unique and not blending in to every other fantasy world. Campaigns the world over use the same humanoid races, the same chromatic dragon scheme, the same progression of giant types, etc. Potentially unique and interesting worlds filled with largely the same stuff. It's pretty much a disgrace to a hobby built on imagination.

And the hell of it is, there are "pig-men" in the upcoming Brockie adventure. tongue