Hi, this is a necromantic post, but for the records:

- My players hesitated a lot, finally they negociated with the witches that they could take the Abbot's treasures and will not disrupt the rituals. They killed the abbott and every threats to the ritual (without knowing it) - mainly Anna and the Abbott. Their negociatoins went very well, so the Knight didn't attack them, on Orelia's words and was there to kill Kyrkwood and its peasants. I houseruled some NPC vs NPC interactions on the fly (I rolled a few d6 equal to NPC 1's HD or level vs NPC 2's HD or level, and keeps the highest. The highest number wins. If equal, nobody wins).
- If some of the threats would have be there, the ritual could have been disrupted without the players knowing it.
- They are very cautious and lucky, we played Tales of the scarecrow, then No rest for the wicked, and now NSFW, and nobody's dead. They don't know if the ritual will work but they left the town and their only concern is "how to get the harpschicord from the farm", true adventurers.

Now I'm in a pause (so I can be player) for a moment, but I'll show some clues about how the ritual affect the region in future adventures. I will specifically avoid the "Quest giving NPCs" and will draw from England upturn'd. The St John vs Woolcott seems to be a nice option.

My plan is to do something like Better than Any Man : time pressure before Woolcott's domination (but with more time), random encounters expressing the changing world, and a few bounty against elites of the old world, but most of them will be regular humans (surely hidden in dungeons!). I think I'll throw a region map with the God that Crawls, a Seclusium of Orphones, and a few homebrown very small dungeons. I'm thinking about an hex map but won't have the energy/time to work on a full time.  Then I'll build something up between sessions based on the encounters.

I will avoid any new "religions" from the Synode, but will see on the fly. 

Strangely England Upturn'd writes about a hex map (something like "there is 1d3 farmstead by hex", but there's no hex map. Does somebody knows something about that?


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Hi all,

What is your campaign spell list?

I'm thinking about spells like I am a black wizards or miscasts effects that randomly cast another spell from the "campaign spell list". Do you use a excell? Did you make a specific campaign spell list with houseruled spells? Interested to share!


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Hi all. Thanks for engaging the discussion!

@Crunk Posby
I was wondering about applying the INT modifier to the skills points avalaible by level. Your system is far more advantageous for the player!

Read magic is off the grid with VAM, see the "Beginning spells" section : "There are no read magic."

I remembered that Detect magic works with the speel Masquerade in Red, so finally it's not my main concern, but more Identification. But finally it's not really a problem, the spell should work fine.

But now that we discuss it, my main difficulty is how to mix these new spells with the old list? Some of the old list seems very utilitarian and mixing them changes a lot in the atmosphere of what magic is.

For the moment, I use a mix of both playtest notes and the old class level system. I use the classic class system, with CHA for magic and VAM rules.  I have a difficulty with this and leadership becoming a skill, because the new CHA contradict the old definition of Charism in the rulebook, and I'm not sure about leadership becoming a skill. I don't use the new ST system. I excluded backtab. There is no cleric and no cleric spells at all, so we played only one time but damages are really a thing.

I think I'll stick to the +modif INT by level for skill points (I'm still using the old variegated class XP).


Bonus attack of monsters = their Hit Dice. It's written in the Referee Book, p. 49, which you can download for free at https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/14 … e-Edition] ; recommended reading


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I'm playtesting the new rules of Lamentations of the Flame Princess, mainly the new magic system. We finished Tales of the Scarecrow yesterday and I'm planning to drop a No Rest for the Wicked and No Salvation for the witches, then I'll see how the setting will be turned uspide down, and design my own stuffs.

I'm wondering how you people are dealing with some matters.

1. Identify and Detect Magic. There are no speels in Eldritch Cocks or VAM about this. Do you just use the previous version, have you done your own version, did you just drop them? Feel free to open the discussion about how you deal with the previous classical spell list with the new magic system. I'm still wondering what I'm gonna do with it (I thought about designing those spells into weird stuffs such as VAM/EC but just don't have the time) and any exchange of practice are welcome!

2. The new attributes/skill systems. The new rules are focused on attributes, but with random attributes that are not changing (except if something happens in the game, which is cool and I suppose that the simplicity of the rules are made to let these think in play instead of planning it by knowing a system), the characters will not evolute much. Also, INT seems to be not so interesting for the specialist, as it only applies to the beginning. Did you try something else? Any houserules?

Magic is brutal, it is so good!


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Hi, I'm Greg. I live in Brussels. I roleplay since the 90s, I was 11. I loved these Lone Wolf gamebooks and played the red box once, but my 11 years old group made it directly to Call of Cthulhu. We played a few years all the one shots, with 2 or 3 characters each (we never played the published campaigns), then we played a lot of online vampire games, more sandbox than anything, before discovering apocalypse world. At this point I re-discovered all these indie narrativist games. I can't remember where I've heard about Lamentations, but the Ron Edwards'adeptplay played a key role, and I've gmed for the first time Tales of the scarecrow yesterday, opening a road for a Lamentations campaign.