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The new LotFP books are live!

US Store:

EU Store:

If you buy the Deck Of Weird Things enter coupon code WEIRD for free shipping on your entire order!

Product Summary & State of the buisness blogpost:
https://lotfp.blogspot.com/2020/07/new- … 6d&m=1


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Well, let's put a great big asterisk on that. This is the FIRST CONTACT
WITH THE PUBLIC so we ask your patience if you run into bugs (which we
ask you to inform us about should you encounter them).


Cheaper shipping charges if you're in the US.

Some items in stock than we don't have in the EU Webstore! (Carcosa,
Scenic Dunnsmouth, No Salvation for Witches, etc...)


If you're a member of the Gardening Society, you need to create an
account in the new webstore (customer information is NOT shared from the
existing EU webstore!) and contact me to upgrade your account manually,
or you won't get your discounts.

Yes, weights are still in grams and the prices are still in Euros. While
shipping is out of the US, we're still doing all the bookkeeping out
here in Finland.

We have to manually enter in countries to the shipping zones and we have
not mapped out every country on Earth. If your country hasn't been
entered in, you'll be unable to choose a shipping option for your order.
Let us know so we can add it.


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The contracts are signed! The evil can now be revealed!

Lamentations of the Flame Princess has been officially authorized to announce THE BOOK OF ANTITHESES!

Writing by Towers Two co-author Jobe Bittman!

Illustrations by Grammy-nominated artist Benjamin Marra!

The project is in layout now! In fact Jobe and LotFP Layout Guru Alex recently were supposed to have a meeting concerning the project's graphic design, but after hailing Satan instead decided to go trash the Wizards of the Coast offices, as documented by CCT camera screencaps here. I've heard reports they went to do the same to Paizo's offices,
but their employees barricaded the entrances with copies of their rulebooks and as we all know it is impossible to get through one of those.

The Book of Antitheses is described by the author as a "book of magick for game masters" and that's a better description than any I've been able to come up with.

Look for it in 2020 if we're lucky, and later than that if we're LotFP.

Pics here:
https://www.instagram.com/p/B6OZEkLhb1a … 9iqwqxikdh


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Emeric wrote:

Hi, I'm Emeric a french player. My english is not very good but I'm gonna try. I beginning to play a long time ago with Das Schwartz Auge, Call of Cthulhu, Chill, D&D red box...


Emeric wrote:

We have played yesterday "A stranger storm" the scenario which is in the "Guide de l'Arbitre" in the french edition. The atmosphere is strong, the scenario well twisted. the players are directly puched into the special atmosphere of the game. It is rough, strange and surprising adventure. I think it's a good start.
We played in England, December 1619 to prepare "No Salvation For the Witches". Four characters are involved, three of them survive (and they were particularly ingenious).

Nice! A Stranger Storm is such a underrated adventure and a personal favorite of mine!


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I loved reading your recaps years ago, glad to see your game is still going strong. What level is the party now?


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in London!

We'll be selling books but we have other things than sales on our minds...


We have had a year, ya know? We've had disorganization, downtime and all sorts of aaaarrgghh but now we’re getting our shit back together. In addition to prepping some projects that have mothballed for far too long, we want some fresh faces!

Writers, show up with your pitches! Sourcebook? Adventure?
Something else? WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR IT! We'll workshop it on the spot if we've got the time. And if we think it's cool, we want to publish it!

The pitch that sounds the most exciting to us will get a £500 advance AT THE CONVENTION! (we'll have specific details on this and contracts you can look at when you make your pitch). While we'll only have one advance to give, potentially everyone that pitches could get signed up for publication. YOUR book could be in game stores around the world!

Now what sorts of pitches do we want to hear? We're looking for Lamentations of the Flame Princess material, not new games or any material that does not fit within our game's atmosphere or general parameters... but with a product line with everything from Broodmother SkyFortress to She Bleeds, that covers quite a lot of ground!

If you're not familiar, GET familiar! Lots of free downloads here:
https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub … e-Princess

Things we will like:
* Material set on Earth circa 1630.
* "Hidden" supernatural elements, if supernatural elements there will be. (The last two adventures we released didn't have anything supernatural in them!) You know how every
horror movie has supernatural things that the movie is ABOUT, but they are unknown to the wider world? That.
* No "Doctor Who"ing history. The history we know is real and should be kept that way. Don't explain real-world history with the supernatural. Maybe the supernatural can change history from the time play begins, but never attribute real life things (especially real-life atrocity) to the supernatural.
* Ideas that immediately inform how the players could engage with the material
* Ideas we've never heard before and that make us go *holy shit*!

Things we don't like:
* Assumptions that the player characters are "heroes."
* Anything that uses standard fantasy tropes.
* Lists of things the player characters would have to do (no "and then the players would do this, and then they'd do this, and then...")
* Fear! Don't hold back!

So show us what you have to offer and let's see if we can make these 10 hours in the exhibitor's hall fly by!

peterwebb wrote:

Via my play-by-post campaign, we had a short Red & Pleasant Land Campaign.

1. Intro: PC's have been tasked to find the _Malleus Deus_, an ancient evil book. The know it is somewhere within the Heart Queen's Palace, however their team leader dies in the Carpathian Mountains of dysentery.

2. The PCs enter the Once Palace, and immediately encounter a talking boar, who leads them to an Orb Loc. There, an old woman tells them about the dangers of vampires. Then she has a non-lethal seizure.

3.The PCs explore the Once Palace. The get about 2 squares in before encountering a mysterious vampire queen who shanghais them into delivering a letter to The Red Bride Tizala.

4. The PCs follow an extremely slow footman to Poenari Palace, where they quickly encounter a Red Rook and his coterie of Pawns. After some failed fast-talk there is a combat which ends in a total party kill.

I need to get around to running A R&PL one of these days.


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LotFP at SPIEL19 in Essen!
October 24-27 2019
Hall 6 Booth 6L114

The last three convention stops for LotFP resulted in RECORD SALES and
we're looking to continue the streak at SPIEL!

Our sales gimmick this time? WE ARE OVERSTOCKED! A big ol' pallet with
no way of getting it home. So we are not selling books with individual

We will have a scale on site, and WE ARE SELLING BY WEIGHT! The more you
buy, the cheaper it costs per kilo! Here's how it works:

Up through the first kilo of weight, we charge 6€ per 100 grams.

For the second kilo of weight, we charge 4€ per 100 grams.

And after the second kilo, we charge just 2€ per 100 grams.

All prices are VAT inclusive, and this offer includes EVERYTHING at the
booth! Everything we have in stock at the LotFP Webstore will be present
at the booth, as well as the items that debuted at Gen Con, plus a couple of other things we'd sold out of here but were kept in storage elsewhere!

And to encourage you to add juuusssttt one (or three) more books to the
pile, while we will be rounding up to the nearest 100 grams on the first kilo, if you're buying more than one kilo we will round DOWN to the nearest 100 grams!

So if you were to buy one of everything at our table at normal prices (not counting t-shirts), it would cost 469€. But under our pay-by-weight
offer here, at 7.25kg it would cost you just 204€... a 57% discount!

So come pick up all the new stuff, fill out your collection with the
back catalog, and TAKE THESE BOOKS AWAY FROM US!

We take cash and Paypal!"


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I'll ask Raggi for you. Also I'm personally a fan of your content Gregorius and I loved your "Bad Luck" day adventure. Keep up the great content! I'll be posting more here too!


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Thanks Posby your hard work is much appreciated.


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Hey Forum users! I'll keep this brief but I'm Ron the new Social Media guy. I've been a fan of LotFP since the Grindhouse Box came out and I've been playing on & off since. Anyways I'm one of the mods here now so let me know if you have any questions.