Well, sorry for thread Necromancy (OP was 2016).

I guess there is a slight misunderstanding  about the four iconic classes. They were never intended to be read as "warrior", "thief", "wizard" or "cleric", but as "human-warrior", "human-thief", "human-wizard", and "human-cleric".  There is just less options in the core rulebook for the other playable races.

In fact, everything is class as race+profession (human being implied if not specified). If you want a dwarf artificier, or hobbit gourmet cannibal shaman, or whatever, just do your own.

I think this system is better, because you can actually design something in accordance with your players will without having to comply with a generic class/race matrix. As an added value, you can fine tune things without the technical failures induced with multiclassing.

As an illustrative example, see this modest contribution I posted for DCC RPG (it's an elf stalker: a kind of ranger/wizard http://goodman-games.com/forums/viewtop … p;t=22588)