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Thanks so much!  Will post here whenever it is done!


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Thanks for the quick answer.  I was aware of the 3rd party support legalities, but yes, I was wondering about the stat blocks, layout requirements, etc.  I was just hoping that was written out somewhere but my google-fu is weak and I couldn't find it. 

As far as I know we fit into the 'theme' in that it features only 'realistic' humans and every monster is a unique individual with their own mechanics, stats, backstory, etc - I just was hoping to see things all laid out.  It involves a very hierarchical religious army (Catholics if real life) vs a conglomeration of mercantile states (Venice if real life), with of course some fucked up monsters in the middle and the PCs as the gasoline to pour on the fire.

Don't forget to include Saving Throws.  It is a lifesaver when determining how to Save for different monsters and humans.


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Hi there!

My friend and I are writing a rather large adventure for LotFP. 

We do not have any affiliation with LotFP beyond our love for the game. 

We're wondering if there is written anywhere a list of 'rules' for how adventures should be written to fit into the LotFP milieu.  I don't mean basic stuff like "weird monsters" and "unfathomable horrors" as that goes unsaid - I'm wondering if there are actual rules on where things must be listed for stats, etc. 

If not, cool.  We'll just do what we do. 

If so, we'd love to hear about them. 

Also, is there a formal way to pitch an idea to the Big Cheese?  We're proceeding on our own to self-publish, but if we could ever actually get involved it'd be nice to be official.  In any case, we'll be writing it and releasing it Somehow. 

That's all - I'm just wondering if anyone here knows where to point me. 

The basic premise is a site-based adventure set at a monastery hosting the peace talks between two exhausted armies during a long bloody war.  Things of course, go wrong.  Should be able to be set in northern Italy or in Ye Olde Fantasy Kingdom quite easily.


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They had fun.  I made them go in there to remove a curse - they had to bury their NPC buddy's dead friends, whom he claimed to have lost down there. 

When they got to the Chapel the NPC asked them to kill him, because he of course long ago had got stuck down there, ate his friends (and their bones), and thus killing him and burying him would bury "all of them" since they were all consumed by him.  They instead used all their black powder to blow the place up. 

They had a lot of fun - their levels were about 5-6 in LOTFP, playing as a Fighter, Cleric, Specialist, and Monk (modified Dwarf)


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My players just got through the Pilgrimage of Hunger - they found it terrifying.  The only things they really fought were the same pack of Spotlight dogs 4 different times, but that was enough to almost kill them.  They left the Veins after several days with only a few hours of light remaining.


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Hi there!

I am wondering what exactly the most current rules are? 

I have noticed that in the Rules + Magic Free Version on RPGNOW.com that at Level 7 a Cleric earns Level 4 spell slots.  Yet, in the version I have (a printed out free version) that the Cleric only gets their first Level 3 spell slot at Level 7.  Which one is correct?