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As you mentioned, I would use the minimum HP from the rules and magic book. But I'm not sure if I really would use the Carcosa dice mechanics for every single encounter. This is a little to random for me.

I think the maximum distance from one gate to any other gate is five miles, so it could be a circle with a maximum diameter of 5 miles. That's how I understand the spell description.


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I would use a strength ability check with the encumberance as penalty.
Or the encumberance points reduce the maximum distance for a leap. As maximum distance I think 3 to 4 meters would be okay for humans (and elves), 2 to 3 meters for halflings and dwarfs. Also for this option the STR modifier should added to the maximum distance of the leap.
Also environmental circumstances should alter the maximum distance or the ability check.

Well, my players didn't have to leap a distance so far. I don't know if these options are satisfying.

Very nice alternative for rolling the attributes. I think I will use this when I want the PCs to be more heroic.


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I treat coins as written in the rule book, 100 coins count as one regualr item. Other treasures with common sense. If it is heavy than it takes more slots than a regular item.

I think that the Fighter from the Rules & Magic book is what you looking for. If you use another system than lotfp, use the standard fighter from this system you are using.


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Nice thread.

I think Ceezru will guide my group into the Veins but not through ... lol

I like the the playtest rules. Or lets say the most of it. I like the new saving throw mechanic with the d6's. The new skill system looks also good. Especially that the non-Specalist classes gain skills in the character creation.
I like that the constitution score determines the Hit Dice for the PC. But I'm not sure if rerolling all HD after gaining a level is very satifying. But this depends on the player.
What I don't like is the new weapon damage mechanic. I like the idea behind it that, that a skilled weapon wielder can deal as much damage with a small weapon as with a large weapon. But changing the AC agianst certain weapons will be annoying. At least for me. Wouldn't it be better to determine the damage die by the ability score of the PC similar to HD determination. DEX for Minor weapons, small weapons, firearms and crossbow. STR for Polearrms, great weapons and throwing weapons. And for the other weapon types the better one of these ability scores. I think this will work better on the table than adjusting the armor for certain weapon types.
For my group I think it's a pitty that the Cleric class will be removed. It's the most popular class at my table.

I almost forgot. The new encumbarence system is good, but I like the one from Veins of the Earth better. But I don't konw right now how this could work without the modifiers.


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Andomedanaea wrote:

I have written my own 1-6 miscast charts for spells, based on which school they are.

I think the next few sessions I will only use the general miscasts until I have the time write my own.

Gregorius21778 wrote:

Thanks! smile I leave all the other rules (restrictions of spells per level, prep-time per spell) as it is. The time the cleric spends in devotion to /communion with "the deity" influences how much attention the cleric receives, and thereby what kind of divine intervention is generally avaiable.

But to be honest, that is currently just theorie. Even WITH these house rules, my LotFP-players still stick to the premade character I made as "try-out" PC for them on their first run through Dunnsmouth... they still use them.  No clerics at my table so far *sighs*

Well, I have two Clerics at the table sometimes (my players have two characters and can switch them at certain points if they want to). But I will keep the spell levels for the clecric spells and when they are avialable. Spells that are one level higher than the highest spell level available for the Clecric can also be prepared, but can only be cast risky.
As additional risky casting condition I will add for the Clerics: Casting spells that are one level above the highest spell level available to caster.


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I like the spellcasting system from VAM. But how do you handle miscasts with spells from the Rules & Magic book? Do you just roll 1d6 for the six effects remaining on the miscast table?

Gregorius21778 wrote:

A cleric does not need to prepare certain spells, as the magic the character uses it not his own (unlike other magic-users) but help from a deity. Thereby, my clerics are rather flexibel as they do not need to determine ahead which 1st and 2nd level spells (to use your example from above) they need to use. Made sense to me, and it gives the "healer"-class a little extra.

Your idea for cleric spells is very apealing to me. I think I will use it at my game table.
How many spells do you give the Clerics per day or long rest? Are all spells from every level available from the beginning at your game table?

That would be great. Thanks for your answer.

Does anyone known if Carcosa and Scenic Dunnsmouth will be reprinted?

For a One-Shot I recommend "Tales of the Scarecrow". I've run it twice. In both sessions the players were new to LotFP and they loved the adventure.