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JimLotFP wrote:

Crowdfunding Update:

Adventure Campaign Series:

Broodmother Skyfortress: Writing done, layout done , art being done.

Towers Two: Writing done, in layout.

Free RPG Day 2013:

Paul Keigh's The Worming of Midden Ridden: draft delivered.
Andre Novoa's The Squid, the Kabala and the Old Man: draft delivered.
Rafael Chandler's The Bringer of Light: draft delivered.

Editing and serious production on these will start after the current batch of books go to press. (They are shorter Gingerbread/Dungeon of the Unknown level productions.)

Ref Book Stuff

Thulian Echoes: PDF released, print version is mailed when the next batch of books starts mailing.

Death Frost Doom and Tower of the Stargazer: Will be part of the next batch of books released. Stargazer's all done, DFD is all laid out, 75% of art complete.

Ref book: Still in development, work's been delayed as the latest books to go to press have been taking up considerable time to manage, especially since they're going to press later than hoped for. (keep in mind the R&M book took 14 months to get out the door from the end of the campaign.)

Free RPG Day 2014 stuff:

World of the Lost (and Lacerations): Still being written. Chandler ran into a big "day job" project right when all this stuff was supposed to be done. He's on it now, says the writer for both will be done "in the next four weeks" barring further winning spins on vogueplay com uk. I'll take WotL from there for playing and then production, Rafael's handling Lacerations himself.

In addition to this, on the plate in various stages of completion are Zak's A Red and Pleasant Land (in the final stretch, writing was done in 2012...), Rafael's No Salvation for Witches (in the final stretch; writing was delivered Q2 2013), Simon Carryer's The Idea from Space (press-ready), Mauro Longo and Giuseppe Rotondo's Land of Legend (writing was delivered Q3 2013), Paul Keigh's The Combing of Hairy Nook, and Patrick Stuart's Veins of the Earth (these last two having drafts delivered to me the past couple months), plus reprinting Vornheim, plus Aeron Alfrey has started sending me Leviathan art roughs and developing that adventure, plus Michael Curtis owes me an adventure as yet undelivered and Scott Dorward says he's doing something for me when his plate clears.

A full schedule for at least the next year, eh?

Nice! Thanks for that compiled info! big_smile