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Hi folks! I have a freebee for you that you may find useful if you are playing in the Veins of the Earth: a summon-able creature called the Conqueror of the Painful Hunger.

Oh, while I am add it...

on my blog you will find 10 Spell-Sets for Aelf-Adal and 6 Phantasmal Nightmare Creatures for them to call upon.


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Ordered a shirt and "Big Puppet" from the EU store. Let´s see how shipment works out in times like these smile


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Here comes my 5th blog brewn adventure. This time, it is a micro-dungeon I called
The Shrine of the Future Self.



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Here I am back again from the Veins, to tell you of 5 Veins´ Encounters with Dvargir.

Hi Grand Verge!

it is a damn shame that they did not interacted with the villagers. To avoid this fate myself, I send them there with a task that was basically ensuring that they would (they were bounty hunters looking for four wanted brigands, some of which I placed into the fangs of you-know-what wink THAT encounter was a surprise for them, even after LOTS of strange villagers they had met AND the fact that there is no day-n-night cycle.

What will happen with the normal flow of time, how will react the inhabitants?
I don´t see this change to be overly relevant for them, nor for "the cult". After all, they did not give a DAMN to the fact that day and night was no more, but (seemingly) just shrugged it off as odd and continued with their daily routines.

Will the cult attack them?
They came down from the mountain after they ransacked their temple, right? If they see a chance, they very well should. But luring into some kind of trap might be the better strategy. If this ambush involves a few "mutants"...well... wink

Do you have any ideas on how this adventure can continue?
Well, you could try to send them to Innsmouth next  wink

I personally tried to send them to Skull Mountain, after re-theming it to pose as the spider-cults main temple. Mixed results wink


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Warning! Underground railroad scenario ahead! If you look for a little side-quest for characters that want to visit a city of the dwarfs, try [3 Bridge Tunnels]

This scenario contains trolls


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If you need a "special cave" for your Veins, try the Cave of Bones and Coins. It comes with six optional encounters for it.


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For some reason, I have forgot to add this one: The Wyrm of Hackendale


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As my players are currently heading towards a Knotsmen Tradepost, I made some notes for 20 Vendors at a Knotsmen Market that I would like to share with you


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Crunk Posby wrote:

2) I use a slightly house ruled skill system, but one element that you could easily tack on to accomplish what you ask is: specialists get a number of temporary skill points (equal to their current level) that they can use each day to add to a skill check. So a 2nd level specialist would have 2 points they could use each day to modify skill rolls.

This "temporary skill points" are an interesting concept! How about basing them on the INT or WIS bonus instead? This for sure is nothing the Specialist will -directly- benefit from, but it would make sure that characters that are either seasoned/wise (WIS) or clever (INT) "have their moments", so to speak.

@The new rules in general
I have not yet even tried to play with them, but gave them a thorough read (yes, the inevitable "advise of a pure-strain theorist"...) What I thought about them I put into a blog post. I hope you are fine with me providing the link instead of-reposting it here

@About certain spells
I recently read a blog post at Dragons gonna drag that I would like to suggest. Basically, the post advocates that "Read Magic" should be scrapped from the list entirely.. and I see the point.

@Detect Magic under VAG rules
Hmm... let me see... where is my VAG... *grabs it...* I see no problem using it under VAG rules: after all, there is no point in it the rules do not cover, is there? If one wants to be "Magic-User Friendly" (I advocate AGAINST that), one could treat this to be "always prepared for free". Thereby, risky casting or save casting would only be a question of the casting conditions and how many spells have been cast already that day.


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Somebody at reddit asked for more magic items for the Veins. So, I wrote up 12 Further Magic Items for the Veins.


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Are you looking for magic items that fit into the Veins of the Earth? Well, I hope that I have what you are looking for then!

12 Magic Items for the Veins of the Earth


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I mused a bit about Veins Food, especially as my players and I finally(!) meet again this Sunday to continue the adventures of the three.

As I am to lazy to format the whole thing in this forum, I will rather give you [THIS LINK] where you can read for yourself


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Welcome, Mr. Mod. I happy to see that the official social media department pays attention to this site and the forum again.

As a no-Facebook-guy and haven-no-twitter-type , I look forward to  announcemenst about upcoming titles returning to this official web site as well.


Official question on the side: is there any chance that the official LotFP DriveThruRPG id will be made known to "us" (3rd party publishers)?

As the rules for 3rd-party-publishing demand a copy of each and any released products, and sending them via email can get... lets say "uncomfortable", I would be happy to be able to send a direct complimentary PDF copy to the DTRPG LotFP account.


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Have you brewed up your own yet? And if so... will you share you work with us? *gleefully looks over your shoulder*


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Hi folks,

the current basic rules for LotFP suggest two modus operandi for XP rewards (aside from those that hail from overcoming a dangerous enemy). A flat number of XP per session (optional) and an xp for every silver peace that the treasure recovered during an adventure is worth. Theft and pillaging is excluded in this (for obvious reasons) as well.. monetary rewards. The latter strikes me as odd. When I design adventure, I frankly counted them as “XP” so far.

What has your approach been so far? And how would you treat the following examples (if you would treat them differently at all).

# a bounty on the head of known criminal

# the money that a grateful family gives to the rescuers of their daughter

# a bounty put onto the head of a monster by a local baron (or other figure of authority)

# “blood money” offered for assassination

# a ransom gained for the return of a knight beaten and captured in an open battle.

# a reward paid by an interest party for supposed-to-be-lost relic or artifact

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.


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Thanks, and you are welcome smile  If you happen to actually use them, please post a few lines about what happened here.


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Hi everyone,

I have three PDF I would like to share with you for Halloween. They are PWYW, but feel free to grab them for free!

The Blood-Drenched Room

The Tale of Harrot the Headless Horseman

Curse of the Gleaming Icosahedron

Enjoy! The download links will be removed from DTRPG after the End of All Hallows´ Eve (till next Halloween).


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Hi everyone,

Friday 13th is coming, and for those who would like to transfer the misfortune associated with it into their OSR Fantasy RPG, I have a new pay-what-you-want release for your: Dreaded 13. Just like Day of Manifest Misfortune, the content of this supplement is not fair and, all in all, made to make the characters ongoing adventurer harder by adding a constant source of failure (and finally, potential doom) to the dice rolls of the players gathered around the gaming table. It should work just fine to “simulate” ancient curses or ill fate of other kind as well.

That is all for now, have a happy weekend!


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peterwebb wrote:

I've got no plans to DM for the forseeable future, we're going to play Gloomhaven for a while smile

A good choice in regard to cooperative boardgames. A friend of mine picked up a copy, he and his girlfriend had many good gaming evening with it so far.


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That was a CLEVER way of entering this special kind of "Pariah of the Veins" that I will not name here further! To bad that it ended this way, but a fitting end for a short VotE-campaign for sure.

Will your journeys in the Veins (as a GM) end here once again? Or will a new group seek out adventure?


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peterwebb wrote:

Finally, veins definitely needs rules for preserving corpses with salt or similar.

I for one recently wondered if there truly is that many "preserved food" around in the Veins. I start to think about Veins Dwellers "gorging" it all if they can, similar to what hungry wolves sometimes do when they get a rich kill in an otherwise bleak season.

The best system neutral RPG guide about dressing kills and preserving meat I know of is The Meat Lovers Guide To The Post-Apocalypse. If you want to learn about the details (to later decide how much of it to ignore in favor of the game), this is the PDF I recommend. When you use the 10 calories = 1 lumen formula briefly mentioned on p.321 VotE, you can even calculated what a dried rat (for example) is worth in the Veins.


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Four Strange Light Sources

Leech Coral (ST: 25):
"It was no oil lamp, but one with a frame of coral, in a shape very similar to the oil lamps Jasper knew. But instead of a glass body with a lit wick it held a large egg, whose outside was a membrane instead of a shell."

A Leech Coral slowly turns the life of things very close to it into orange light while it feeds of it, but may only do so with very small beings. Usually, eggs are placed in a lamp made of harvested and shaped Leech Coral. Its light will last for 6 to 24 hours, depending on the size and quality of the egg placed in it. 6 is the common duration, but the life force of an exotic or big egg may achieve better results. The nutrition value (in sp, as per the rules for Veins of the Earth) of the egg may be calculated by multiplying the remaining hours of light by 5.

Dvargir Crank-Lamps (ST: variable)
A metal box the size of paperback, with a hand crank at the side and a cylindrical light bulb at the top. The bulb is protected by a wire mesh guard, leather fasteners may be used to strap the lamp to left arm or to secure it to a belt.

A Dvargir Crank Lamp shines with a white light for 1 minute for every round that it has been "cranked up". The Strength of the light is equal to the Strength of the person that cranked it. It cannot be cranked up for more than 2 turns (no benefit from over-doing it,  cranking it for 40 rounds at a time will burn out the wires and break the device). The crank lamp is delicate and has a X in 12 chance of breaking when dropped, where X is the height of the drop in feet. After each fight, there is a 1 in 10 chance that wires inside of the lamp became lose. It may then be repaired by somebody with a Tinker skill of at least 4, on a successful skill check.

Dvargir only employ them in areas they consider “safe”, and are reluctant to trade them.

Soullight Tattoo [ST: Variable]
A magical tattoo that is inked into the left palm of a character. The secret of its creation is only known to a few within the Veins of the Earth: some of the Deep Janeen know it, but usually do not bother to reveal this knowledge, as they see it as a rather boring curiosity. A few Aelf-Adal do know it, but consider it to be to beneficially to offer it to those who are capable of dreaming. Some Gnomen do know, but they will have to pitty you a lot AND consider you an absolutely hopeless case to put such a thing into your hand. Actually, the Substratals are the most likely to grant a Soullight Tattoo.

The maker has to spend a week with you, both talking and meditating with you, so that he or she may learn enough about your soul to know what the tattoo must be like to ignite it. Once created, the bearer may ignite the inner self by blowing onto the open, up-turned palm that carries the tattoo. When it is lit, the characters heart will beat stronger, the own mind will become clearer (+1 to Intelligence) while a white light with a colorful hue licks out of the palm (the hue will be of the color the character enjoys the most. Black is no color, nor is white). The light of this astral flame will not burn nor hurt, and shines with a Strength equal to the character´s WIS. Upon activating and every turn thereafter, the character suffers one point of attribute damage to WIS. The damage will be recovered at a rate of one point per (30 minus current Wisdom) hours. If more than half of the Wisdom is burned up this way, a Save vs. Devices needs to be passed or 1d4 points of the loss are permanent instead. The flame will die and the light will cease when the palm is turned face down or when the palm touches anything (even briefly).

Pages from the Book of Light (ST: 5)
Nobody knows the real name of the so called "Book of Light". It was found in the crumbling and squashed ruins of a city that had been discovered deep within the Veins, and stumbling upon somebody who owns some of these pages means that the ruins may be nearby (or at least not all to far away). The paper is old, the writing on it is a language nobody seems to know anymore, even magic does not reveal it meanings. But the golden writing on the thin paper shines. Rumor has it that the book used to have about 300 pages, and at least half of them have been torn out and traded in the Veins, for their light is permanent. Magic-User may treat a page as spell scroll of Continual Light, but this will rob the page of its shine. Some say that the book itself, once opened, shines with a much brighter light than just the individual pages (ST: equal to the remaining pages), and that anybody reading the book would have the own eyes shine like daylight till the next time they go to sleep.


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Somebody going by the nick J J asked in an unofficial LotFP MeWe Group for Spell Miscast Result Tables. I never made any of those for LotFP(tm) before, but had put some down for different editions of DarkHeresy(tm) as non-commercial, unofficial fan articles. With examples of such being part of the Free RPG Day giveaway Vaginas are Magic, it was not so difficult turn 20 results of them into a non-specific miscast table, which I hereby present to you under the name Unwelcome Phenomena. Please turn to Vaginas are Magic for the governing rules.


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peterwebb wrote:

one player got two javelins to the chest in a surprise round

For some this is the loss of a comrade, for other this is a kebab-to-come