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Greetings and salutations... I am Mica Fetz... raised in Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. - "army brat" and former soldier.

Age 43. 

The first RPG I played was Mentzer's red box back in 1982-83.  I was the party Cleric, and the mapper.  My second character was an Elf.  By that Christmas I was running my own games on the weekends, and I've been at ever since. 

I love the feel of LotFP... I like that it streamlines the burdensome rule sets that have grown out of a Gary and Dave's "guidelines" from 1974.  LotFP provides just enough for an experienced GM/Referee to move forward and have fun, while also creating a "rules-lite" entry point for beginners.  Additionally the LotFP art is amazing... really primes my imagination to create strange and wondrous things, people and places.

Glad to be here!