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BTW: the Planet Algol blog ( has an insanely entertaining running transcript of Actual Play in a Carcosa-derived setting.



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37 years old.  I started playing Holmes Basic and moved pretty quickly to AD&D.  This would have been in Atlanta in, oh, 1981, maybe (I was an irritating young'un).  I started playing some Call of Cthulhu as well in high school.  In college (Houston) I switched to GURPS 3E and played it from 1990-1994.  In grad school (New Jersey) I found myself back at AD&D because it was the system that everyone already knew.  And then when my wife and I moved to St. Louis in 2000 (where we still are), we started a 3E game with some local friends.  We have stuck with that game (and a painless 3.0 ->3.5 transition) and it lasted long enough that one of the characters actually made it from 0 XP all the way to 20th level, legitimately, which I have never seen before.

We interspersed 3E with a bunch of other systems: some Call of Cthulhu, a little GURPS, recently some Spirit of the Century, and a stripped-down FUDGE game of my own design.  We tried 4E when it came out and didn't have much fun...and I said, "hey, this wasn't much fun," and got out Moldavy B/E.  We rolled up some characters, hastily advanced them to 4th level, and hit the Isle of Dread.  It was great.  A breath of fresh air.

I mentioned that to S. John Ross (I also do text adventures, and I am a huge fan of Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom, which brought me to Encounter Critical), who then pointed me from EC to Jeff Rients' blog, and I followed links from there, and then went nuts on the retroclones.

So then I found Microlite 20, slid on over to Microlite 74, and we started in on the megadungeon we're currently playing...and one of my players is running Dragonlance (DL1, currently) as straight-up AD&D v1.  I am the only unspoiled Dragonlance player in the world.  I have also never played a World Of Darkness game, although I did play in a session or two of GURPS: The Sucking^W^WVampire.

Level 5 of my Microlite 74 dungeon won "Best Retro Use of 30x30 Space" in the One Page Dungeon Contest.  It's going to be 15 levels in total but I am currently stalled about 2/3 of the way through L7.  I'm currently working on a Mutant Future module called "Bring Me The Head Of Frank Sinatra!" for which I have expanded the AD&D Wandering Harlot table: … rlot-Table