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Thanks, Sir Wulf, good guidance.  I'll look into ToC.  I'm also looking at a 3.5 setting book from Green Ronin, Skull and Bones; pretty good setting for creepiness on the high seas.


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One of the characters in our group, the recentlypromoted Cpt. Toomy Starks of the pirate ship, the Dancing Dead, has put together a crew that, while he doesn't trust 'em, figures that he's at least smarter than them.  I've been tossing about a few ideas for the high seas, and was wondering if there are any already written for the LotFP setting.

Also, as a side question, are there any house rules or 3rd party rules for different schools or styles of combat, say, George Silver's True Fight as opposed to the Spanish Destreza, or do y'all just treat ot through story telling?


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Greetings, all.  I'm new to LotFP, as in had the core books for about a week now, made some characters, haven't yet had a chance to play a propper game, but very interested.  I like the feel of it: the vibe I get from it is if Robert Howard and Lovecraft wrote a bunch of stories together instead of just being pen-pals.  I came to LotFP through another game, Backswords & Bucklers, which has an Elizabethan setting.  This is a cool next chapter in "history."

Anyhow, if there is another edition released, I'd like to put forth a couple of ideas with which I've been noodling:

- The idea for shields is a good one.  In addition, I have a character who fights w/ sword & buckler.  For the buckler, I subtracted 1 from its ranged AC bonus and allowed for a character to strike with it as a small or minor weapon without sacrificing protection.

- I'm trying to come up with a way to allow for a "feinting" manouver in combat, to make backstabbing more combat-friendly.

- Specialists can use skill points to purchase the Fighter moves.  This shouldn't be too unbalancing, seeing as the Fighter is still the only one whose BAB advances.

Well, there it is.  Keep up the good work, Jim, and I'll see y'all on the flip!