Your favorite OSR musical horror blog is back from the grave!

Teenage monsters!

http://tales-from-the-haunted-jukebox.b … sters.html

All about blobs!
http://tales-from-the-haunted-jukebox.b … -blob.html

Race for pinks against the creatures of the night, or just give'em what-for in a straight-up car brawl!  Automobile movement & combat rules for LotFP.
http://tales-from-the-haunted-jukebox.b … rules.html

Profile of a NPC in Transylvania USA who could make a great mentor for beginning-level player characters. 
http://tales-from-the-haunted-jukebox.b … unter.html

Cuddly alien horn-players, or hungry menaces from beyond the stars?  Cast an eyeball on this report about one of Transylvania USA's most famous monster types.
http://tales-from-the-haunted-jukebox.b … aters.html

And here's how I'd tweak the LotFP classes for the concept. 
http://tales-from-the-haunted-jukebox.b … a-usa.html

This is probably enough for now.

Keeping the "band" in "band of adventurers."

http://tales-from-the-haunted-jukebox.b … -band.html

Started a blog for this project, here --

I wrote this little ditty here over the past week, as a proof-of-concept for an idea in my head that just won't die: a weird fantasy campaign inspired by the lyrics of vintage monster rock songs.  I call the implied setting "Transylvania, USA" and the larger project "Tales from the Haunted Jukebox." 

It's a first draft, so I'd love some feedback on it.

Tales from the Haunted Jukebox: The God-Forsaken Gas Station


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Hi all,

FULL DISCLOSURE: Not really new here, but created this profile to go with the email address I use most commonly.  My original username here was King Truffle IV, but I have mostly retired the email associated with that one.

This is the profile I hope to use on these forums going forward.  Hope it's acceptable.