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My name's Patrice though I've been around as Kabuki Kaiser — which was a perfectly fine pen name until an Italian post-rock band decided to use it as well. Maybe I'll get them to record RPG music. I'm 40-ish, was born in France from a French-Vietnamian-Swiss-Norvegian-Italian-Chinese-Belgian-Corsican-Hippie-Protestant-Catholic-New Age family. I live in India now, in Poona, a small town of 7 million people, where I teach video game design, hopping to HK and Paris here and there to see the family.

I've started to play real early. Got my Holmes box for my 8th birthday and ran my first level 16-18 adventure when I was 11. This was a disaster of course but hey, I was a kid of ambitions. Talked about RPG on the radio at about the same age, played with friends and the club for ages, though all my "friends" were 25-years old and obviously feeling it a bit weird to have me play along.

I went through a Forge phase, absorbed all the jargon, been quite active there for some time and finally realized that the OSR was doing all that the Forge talked about doing but never did. Since I've never stopped to play D&D, I jumped on the OSR (whatever it is, really) wagon as it started to roll.

I run my games with a LL/LOTFP mashup, nothing special enough to release my own retro-clone though I wish the supplements I release, trying to achieve somewhat of a compatibility with both (which also means with all the OSR, all bickering about AC and the like aside) are worth it.


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Also, if someone feels like posting it to the LotFP community page on G+ or launch an angry-mob-with-pitchforks attack on their moderator for pulling away a LotFP specific release on the ground of "fuck you, that's why", they'll make my day.

Toss in a few torches if you like.


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Hello people, here I am with a new release compatible with everything OSR, but specifically connected to Lamentations of the Flame Princess to the extent that it requires no conversion at all — none. It's called Castle Gargantua, maybe you've seen it around and wondered about it. The default setting is not described but it uses French, Polish, German and the like as languages, which should give all of you guys familiar with LotFP's historical fantasy a hint. In addition, it's been reviewed already so that you know what to expect.

Since we're among like-minded people, or so I assume, I'll tell you a bit more about what is Castle Gargantua than I did elsewhere: it's a mega-nega-dungeon, a survival gauntlet adventure ripe with faerie and horror, which takes place in a castle of giants. Real giants, not TSR creatures 20' tall. No. Giants which scale with the character level and eventually reach 120' and counting. Of course, the castle is fit for their size, not yours.

The adventure is randomly-processed (not really randomly-generated) so that all this randomness is tuned in order to render the crescendo of the exploration. So that's a campaign, a random-processor let's say and a grotesque fantasy setting all-in-one.



It's that good! I wholeheartedly believe that KK is driving home the old school feel in the way that keeps the old lich alive. (…) The first thing that came to mind is that old Jack and The Beanstalk thing from the mid/early 1970's (an anime import, IIRC) but it absolutely terrified me as a wee kid. Noah Stevens

Basically this mega dungeon is the love child if David Lynch and The Brothers Grim had sex and Tim Burton was the nurse maid. (…) Castle Gargantua is the type of place that exists in some ancient fairy tale as a rumor or legend but the reality is that much more dangerous and nasty. This is one of those adventure locations that's going to change a party seriously they will not be the same after a trip to Castle Gargantua. (…) The tone, horrid fairy tale feel gone wrong and more is perfect for a dark game of Lamentations of the Flame Princess or a huge sprawling game of Labyrinth Lord. Swords & Stitchery

All of the tools are presented to organically develop an adventure that has the ability to surprise both players and Judge alike! Eric Hoffman