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I'm late here, but when it comes to the curses, unless there's an overriding storyline reason for the people to be cursed without noticing it, I just tell them when they are cursed, and let them handle the mechanics (I'm lazy.)

If there is a reason for them not to know about the curse, and it's one like the one you mentioned there, I would just roll a d20 a bunch of times and write them down while the party discusses something, and keep track of which roll they are on, ticking them away as they burn through them. I admit that despite being lazy I am often scribbling notes and rolling dice in front of them, evne if I'm not doing anything because it's fun to watch them squirm.

For EXP, I tend not to monitor it too closely, I have a mix of metagamers and role players. I let the metagamers tally up the exp and everything for me. Rather than outlining what monsters the party will face and when on a linear progression, I tend to just look at what makes sense to be in the area. Maybe the party can crush whatever is supposed to be there, maybe they can barely take anything... well honestly that's not my problem. If the party can't fight what's there, they need to find a way to get where they are going without fighting, or by getting the help of some people who help even the odds. If they can crush what's there, maybe they can make things a little more interesting for themselves by working as bodyguards to make some money.

I tend to view my job when running things as giving them a world to run around in and stories that happen whether they are there or not so they might pick them up in the middle, not to control what they do.


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Hey guys, also 33 here.... glad I'm not the only one. I live in California (the US one not the Mexico one.) I started out on D&D WAYYYY back when. I think I was 9 or 10, and we did the Escape from Zanzer Tem's dungeon.

I have actually loved this system ever since first hearing about it during the Free RPG day adventure Better than Any Man. A lot of the viewpoints and comments in it very much resonated with my thoughts on table tops. Not everything in the story has to be related to the central plot line. There should be other things going on in the world outside the main adventure so the players feel like part of the world instead of the focus of it, terrible stuff happens and it can't always be stopped, and most of all if you're playing and you can't figure out something to do when handed a map, told there's awesome shit going down and that your good with a sword you really need to step up your game.

I've finally talked a few friends into picking up the game with me too, and since it looks like I'm going to be running the plot I'd prefer to start looking into how the game runs from people who have experience before throwing us all together into things.

And yeah Ddogwood, I can't blame you for not running this system at your school. The system is great but people get touchy about images of women having half their face burned off with acid for some reason.