LotFP products have some great art. Is there any chance of getting an art book down the road?

I want to cut the playable classes down to Fighter & Specialist. However, while all specialists are different, all fighters are essentially the same. Here's a way to make fighters more variable. Let me know if you see any problems.

On gaining a level, a fighter will get 2 points to spend. They can be spent on the following:

(2) Improve Attack Bonus by 1
(2) Improve Initiative Bonus by 1 (the die + bonus is capped at 6)
(2) Improve Encumbrance slots by 1 (The upper end of unencumbered goes up by 1; all other levels go up by 1)
(2) Reduce chance of being surprised to 1 on d6 (instead of 1-2) (can't be reduced below this) (should this apply to only the fighter or the whole party?)
(2) Allow Aim + Attack in a single round if the fighter doesn't move or take other actions.
(1) Improve one saving throw by 1

(1) Buy off 1 AC penalty for an action that involves an AC penalty, to a max of half the base penalty (Press, Charge, etc...)
(1) Buy off 1 Attack Bonus penalty for an action that involves an AB penalty to a max of half the base penalty.

- note that both of the above are bought for a particular action each time. So 1 point could be used to reduce the AC penalty of Press by 1, and another point to reduce the AC penalty of Charging by 1.

(1) Improve firing into melee. Normally you target a random combatant, and aiming gets you +1 chance of targeting a particular combatant. For each point spent on this, the chance of targeting the desired combatant goes up by +1 without aiming and +2 with aiming. This does not affect your chance of hitting the target.
(1) Raise ability to Open Doors by 1, to a max of 6
(1) Buy 1 HP (can't buy above max possible from die rolls + con)
(1) Improve AC Bonus for cover by 1 (max +2; must have at least 25% cover)
(1) Give a +1 bonus to the morale roll of allies.
(1) Give a -1 penalty to the morale roll of foes.


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foxroe wrote:

Very nice - consider stolen wink

I noticed you omitted the Dwarf/Elf/Halfling...

Yep. I made this for myself and don't want to have non-human PCs.

Here's a link to the spreadsheet I used to make the cheat sheet. Feel free to copy it and edit it however you like.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/zssh5t7f04n1l … 9.ods?dl=0


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https://www.dropbox.com/s/scuzeczxnexgj … n.pdf?dl=0

I put this together for a theoretical LotFP game. Page 1 summarizes character creation, and page 2 has a summary of combat rules.


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Instead of making new classes that are 'fightey, but', what about giving fighters 1 point per level which can either go into improving their attack bonus by 1 as usual, or buying other traits at an exchange rate based on how powerful that trait is.

In addition to buying magic resistance, you could let fighters buy up the ability to fire into melee, buy down the AC penalty for press and defend (to -2), or buy up their ability to parry, or whatever else you like.

This gets you out of having to come up with generic names for particular builds.