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Another quick question...Death Frost Doom mentions the Dead Sign a few times...is it the sign on the cover of Death Love Doom? If not, is it described somewhere?


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I am 31 and live in Germany. It was at the Nordcon in hamburg last year that I first came into contact with LotFP.

The thing is, LotFP in general seems to have been exactly what I have been looking for, especially in regards to the themes explored therein. I have always been a horror fan, especially in its more disturbing forms. While I find the modern wave of torture porn simply distasteful, gore in and of itself has never particularly shocked me.
In fact, macabre and disturbing fiction and depictions have fascinated me since I was a young kid. Took me a few years, though, before I could realize that this was not, as my parents in their desperate attempt to fit me into what would be considered "normal", insinuated, a character flaw, but simply a natural predilection, like an affinity for, say, the colour red.

There is, in my opinion, a certain beauty in the macabre, in the uncanny, an aesthetic to be found in the deviation from what is normal and sane, although beauty is a thing of perception and most other people do not see it that way.

I adore cosmic horror in the HP Lovecraft vein, body horror as in " the Thing", Hellraiser (or most other stuff done by Clive Barker) and the more psychological elements of horror, as in Se7en, to name a few examples.

Hmm...yeah, I am rambling...;)

I am currently trying to tie some of the LotFP adventures together into my own campaign setting (an ordinary fantasy world thrust into a post-apocalyptic age of weirdness and horror after half the world was devastated by a death cult - the Duvan'Ku, to be exact - and the other half had make a few unwholesome deals with powerful, unclean entities to survive), although, given that of my two gaming groups one would be totally unreceptive to such a setting, since they are not horror fans and the other ight also have one or two players who might object to some of the themes present in the world, I fear no opne would ever lay eyes on it...and I do not know where to post my collected stuff...

Okay, rambling over...:)


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Great to hear smile


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New referee book? Is that one already out?


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After I read Death Frost Doom (which I can highly recomment and will spring on my players first chance I get) I wondered if there was any other place where the Duvan'Ku cult was described in more detail...because a nihilistic death cult as antagonist is right up my alley (I actually consider basing a new campaign setting around the notion of such a cult rising to power and plunging a fairly ordinary fantasy world into a dark age of terror and weirdness, which persists even after the cult itself is finally stopped)...