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it's not keeping me up at night.

I'm looking for a group / individual adults from Atlantic - Cape May Counties in South Jersey interested in playing a couple times a month.

Preferably shared / revolving GM responsibilities.


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hey. 48 and living just south of atlantic city, nj.
began gaming in '80 w/ d n' d, runequest & tunnels & trolls. while i haven't played since maybe '84, i've still obsessed off & on over rpg's ever since.
getting back into it through my son and warhammer fantasy battle. i'm trying to find a good system to introduce my 7 & 12 year old to role playing.
while LotFP is just flipping me out and leaving me drooling wanting to play, because of the kids ages it looks like i might settle on either 7 leagues, swords & wizardry or dungeonslayer. any thoughts?
i'm trying to find people in the area to play LotFP and maybe freemarket. i'd also like to check out the tekumel world in more depth.
enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing, writing, drawing and am exploring chaos magick.
favorite authors: tom brown jr, michael moorcock, tolkien, gav thorpe - warhammer novels
favorite music (at the moment): fall of efrafa, oroku, flight of sleipnir, FEARTHAINNE, ECHTRA, fauna, alethes, beneath the lake, pentangle, high tide, buried inside, zuriaake, alcest, dinosaur jr......
Flame Princess is pure awesomeness, thanx for creating this and distributing the rules pdf. i plan to purchase the boxed set for myself after the holidays (i'm outta work right now).