Thank you very much for the detailed response! It certainly gives me some ideas to work with.
I think in terms of character death I am going to go with Ten Foot Polemics Death and Dismemberment rules. They seem fun enough!

I have another session in a couple of hours and I am wondering about something, maybe you can help out:
I was certain I read somewhere that household staff are restored back to (un)life after they have been destroyed after 24hrs. But I cannot find such a passage in the book anywhere, except in the Turn Undead rules, which to me seem to imply they are only restored in that one scenario.  Are they restored or are they not?

[This post contains minor spoilers for Chateau, Better Than Any Men]

They are accustomed to it to a certain degree and they certainly don't mind losing a character. But I think if it gets too much they won't be enjoying it anymore.

They also don't insist on fighting everything at all, but the fights certainly are looking for them (Glass Tiger in BTAM, Twins in Chateau, etc.)

But you wrote something interesting: "... until it's dead".
Escape did indeed cross their mind during the last fight, but in that case there would have been a roll for Pursuit and that would leave things up to luck entirely I feel.
I'm certainly not an experienced GM at all. How would you handle such a situation? (I.e. players know they hardly stand a chance, they wanna get away, plainly rolling on Pursuit seems to luck dependent)

Well. In the first session in the middle of the maze we already have the first character at 0hp. Not sure what to do about that.
Whenever they get into combat - most of the time by random chance - things end badly for them. I think I'm losing them if this goes on like this. Gotta soften in a bit somehow. Don't wanna make it easy, that is certainly not the intention. But ye..

Crunk Posby wrote:

Well, personally I'd run it for any level and any number of players. It's much more of an investigation and exploration rather than a "kill them all" kind of adventure. And there are some things in there that can be insta-death for any level character, but can be avoided through careful or clever play.

However, if you know they are going to be aggressive and try to kill the various undead they encounter, you may want to bump their levels up a bit, or provide them each with a follower who can help out or take on some of the risk.

The question mainly came to my mind when I read about the Minor Entities of Flame. They'd wipe the floor with them with their high AC and lifepoool and doing 1d6 themselves.
I guess I could just scale things down a bit on the tougher foes.
Was still curious what people are saying.

Also, I have really no idea how this thread ended up in this forum. I apologize, honest mistake!

Hi guys. It has been a while. Wanna run the Chateau for 3 characters. What would you recommend their level should be?
Cause right now they are still level 1 and reading the adventure that seems awfully low, especially if it's only 3 of them.


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I started using one to give general ideas about layout. You may attribute that to my lack of ability to describe scenes perfectly I suppose. My players like it. It depends on the scenario though.


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The main issue I see at the moment is the cleric.

If you simply adapted the M-U, no one would ever pick the cleric again.
Now from what I remember James is not the biggest Cleric fan and I think the cleric spell list will be merged into the magic-users.
From what I know there are individuals who created spell miscast tables on G+, but I dunno if they did that for clerics as well or how they are handling things.
I kinda like the new system, so Im kinda interested in conversions. (although Im wondering whether this reduces interest in the other classes that are currently available)


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We were lucky and 2 additional players joined in on short notice. Completely new to roleplaying, but they loved it. smile


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Tallu wrote:

A large part of Veins (especially traveling in Veins) is that normally common items like food and light are rare, hard to carry and absolutely vital to your survival. So they are worth a lot - you cannot eat silver after all.

If you plan having your party start on the surface and dwelve into Veins later, feel free to let it come to them as a shock.

Yeah thats how I figured it was. Still wanted to press that "post" button just to get some input. smile

I ll start them off with Death Frost Doom. I figured the big hole with the blob thingy (cant remember name right now) kinda makes a perfect entrance into the darkness. Just gotta make it appealing to go down there without me having to railroad them.

Anyway, cheers for the input!


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I am a bit confused about food prices in Veins. I didnt get to read much yet. Hardly anything to be precise. Im not gonna use it right away but start off with DFD. But I kinda wanna be prepared when it comes to consistency.
The rulebook has prices for food really low. Like 1Sp for a ration or something.

In Veins, it costs 200 silver for a day worth of food. Is that just the underground prices? (actually that just dawned on me as I was writing this)


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I'm not sure I like having them play 2 characters.
I was thinking we could 1 retainer and I breath as much life into that one as possible by the retainer kinda being a mix between an actual retainer and me taking it over at certain points (like when communicating story or something, not for combat)

I ll check out Scarlet Heroes, ty very much!


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Hallo! Has been a while. Finally getting around to tormenting some players again. However, the player count is probably going to be relatively low (i.e. maybe just 2 people)

Now I am wondering if you guys have any cookie-cutter, general strategies for adapting a modul to a lower player count? (Im running DFD in this case, just fyi)

Retainers, let them start at higher level, adapt monster strength.. ?
What have you found works best for you?


Sword Lake wrote:

Oh, I also found that the locked door in the great chapel was surprisingly challenging for the players to figure out. That's what the hanging skulls are for, a bit of a push by entities that definitely know about the pit deeper within will speed the players along whether they like it or not.

Totally. Took my group forever as well. I thought it was so obvious. Apparantly I was wrong. ^^


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I bought a generic screen for 20 bucks that allows you to insert Sheets inside them. Printed some nice pictures for the front and can always put in the information I need for the current adventure into the 'hidden' side. Good stuff.


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Actually, I've read through a bunch of spell descriptions and it's starting to get obvious that the spell descriptions say whether saving throws are allowed or not, and by default they _probably_ are allowed (or at the discretion of the GM, ofc), but those default cases seem pretty rare. (Sleep comes to mind)

Here are some examples:

Magic Missile
... The caster can throw the full force of the missile at a single target, but if the caster is 2nd level or higher, he can choose to divide the dice of damage between targets as he wishes. Dice must be assigned to targets before any damage is rolled, and targets of these divided dice are allowed a saving throw versus Magic, with success meaning that the target takes half damage. ...

Full foce = no saving throw (although Im not sure on this one, tbh)
Divided = saving throws for half damage

Ray of Emfeeblement
When this spell is cast, a coruscating ray shoots from the caster’s hand. The target of the spell suffers a penalty to his Strength equal to 25%, +2% per caster level beyond level 3. This penalty applies equally to mêlée and missile damage inflicted by an affected creature as well. A successful saving throw versus Magic negates the effect.

An example against your argument, David: Exact opposite of what Power Word Kill says.

But I still agree with you, due to one line in the rulebook, describing saving throws:

Magic includes any magical effect from a cast spell or innate ability.

Although I'm wondering: Doesn't that make Magic-Users kind of far weaker?


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Gotta send him a bunch of invoices for the books anyway to get them as pdf as well. Might as well add that question. I ll keep you up to date!


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Your knowledge surpasses mine, dear sir.

I dont have much experience with a lot of system, let alone old-school ones.

I guess for now I ll adopt your method of doing it, but would still be interested in a definite answer; otherwise I will keep wondering until the end of my days. tongue


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Hms... I dont know. I kind of dont like it. But it would make sense I guess.
Would really love a definite answer, though.



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Ed Dove wrote:

I thought the opposite -- that everybody and everything gets the option of making a saving throw against every spell unless otherwise stated?

I'm really not sure about this and here is why:

Some spell descriptions explicitly mention the saving throw.
For example: Dispel Evil, Feebleminded

Which lead me to the conclusion that those spells that dont mention a saving throw dont allow for one.

Isn't that the case in most other games as well? Thinking D&D or Pathfinder for example. Of course that doesn't mean it's the same in LotFP, but still...

Would love some clarification on this.


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davidnusse wrote:

Unless otherwise stated, all monster victims of MU spells get a saving throw based on their level and class (modified by int) to completely negate the effects of the spell, yes?

Uhm, where does it say that?
Pretty sure they dont get one unless otherwise stated.

Am I missing something?


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The way the 2 of you hand out XP is interesting. Would love to get some more answers on this if anyone cares, but I think I might adopt that technique.

For those of you curious about an answer for my other question, I also posted it over on stackexchange and got some really good answers. I suggest you check it out yourself: … -character


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This post contains spoilers for DeathFrostDoom!

I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to roleplaying and much more of a noob when it comes to DMing (although my 2 groups seem like they are enjoying it. yay)

* How do you roleplay game mechanics? Ive been wondering about this and I think I figured out a way to do it, but I would love to get your input.
Imagine the cursed items on top of the skull altar in DeathFrostDoom. Game mechanics are as clear as water: Take the item without blessing it first and you are cursed and from there on have to roll 2 D20s and take the worse result.

I suppose no one just announces the new mechanic (or do they?). How do you do it? I figured the next time the person is in a fight I could say something like "You feel like some unseen force is stifling you..." and then just tell the player that from now on he has to use 2 d20. In this case he would probably never know why or what cursed him and that might be an issue for the player.
Or maybe once he takes the item I could say somethin similar "Taking the item you feel that the weight of your [weapon] grows heavier... etc."

Whats your method? Really curious...

* EXP. The rulebook is pretty clear about it. Since one of my players asked after a long session without combat and no treasures (just roleplaying stuff) whether they'd get any xp.... Do you guys houserule this somehow? Do you award a minor amount of exp after a long session if no xp was gained another way?

Thanks for your input!


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littlemute wrote:

Just saw this on Drivethru RPG?  No hype?  Print version?  I bought it instantly (pour supuesto).

your impressions, please, kind sir!


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Okay you know what. The mix of the table where the shield is listed being kind of confusing plus English not being my primary language caused a ton of confusion. Im not alone, my mates couldnt figure it out either.

Until someone finally told us, looking at the table, there is no leather, chain and plate shields, just shields and that everything that is listed beneath the shield entry is meant for horse armour.

That explains a lot. Sorry for the unnecessary question. ^^

Hello there!

I'm wondering: If I use a shield and I get attacked... does my opponent have to roll a die for both my shield and then for my armor (in case he gets past the shield)?

Can I use the shield only if I go in defensive or parry stance or always use it to block (unless Im surprised or something like that)?