I tend to play with three players nearly all the time. With the exception of god that crawls which i ran with four. I find it's better to get into the characters and do some personal development and elements when there are fewer.

For what it's worth I can let you in on what I do about maiming players. When a creature crits they get a nasty injury, when they are reduced to zero but survive they have to make a save or take a serious injury based on what happened. Sometimes however it's best to play by ear.

hey guys I am running Carcosa for my players next Sunday and wondered if there was any Carcosa veterans with advice on the best way to run the setting?

I was going to print out the monster lists, as I am not a hardcore lovecraft guy so having a who's who would really help.


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Ok, delete this if I am being an idiot again; I have the Rules and magic book 1. I can't find anything on Morale and loyalty checks outside of having to "make a check" How does this system work? I imagine it is likley in the GM's guide in the grindhouse/deluxe edition.


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Due to low cash flow I am resisting the urge until I see reviews. Mainly because Carcosa is next on my list when the world ends for my players...


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I got the exact same thought throughout the film! It should have been advertised as a tomb raider-esque fantasy action flick rather than a horror. Great way to bring claustrophobia and darkness back into mind when playing a dungeon crawl.

I found given the simple yet deceptively robust systems for spending and investing money stories tend to emerge between games for me. When my players came back with 73k of silver each from an extremely successful adventure they poured over what to spend things on and I gave them a year of downtime to play with. I also wrote up a mini system to see what suitors would pursue the unmarried characters and used the family % from The god that crawls to not only work out family but work out any children and to whom they were born.

For example our cleric, Baron Von Gropecunt, married into minor royalty and had two children a boy and a girl but he also had an illegitimate child from before. His father was dead but he still had his mother and a single brother. Not only did this help the Baron's player to strengthen his backstory but it also gives a genuine sense of what the normal year is like for these people. A year of risky investments, maintaining the household and those who live in it and having to brave the unknown to keep up this wealthy lifestyle and keep boredom at bay.

So while it's not a downtime session as such (mainly as you don't need all your players in one place to sort this out) giving player this perspective through the systems in the core rules (and some cheeky hacking) allows for what you are looking for to occur naturally. Now slaughter them all.


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Thanks Crunk, I blatently breezed over it by mistake.


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This is a quick question really. My players have gotten plenty of loot (read: all of it) form the intro adventure Tower of the star gazer. They are looking into investments and ship building ect
I was showing the Mage player that she could build a laboratory but for the life of us we couldn't work out why she should bother. It seems to list lots of ways a lab could go wrong or decrease in worth but no actual benefit to the character and librarys (mentioned in the title of that section) are not even mentioned.

Am I being stupid here or what?


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Any word yet on the release date?


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Hey, I am Dan 'Akco' Atkinson. I am 23 years old and cut my teeth on AD&D back when I was 12. Since then I have played anything I can get my mitts on, paying special attention to the Old World of Darkness range, the retro dungeon crawl resurgence and just about every wafer thin indie title tucked away in the the back some a LFGS.
After picking up "The god that crawls" on a recommendation I was happy to find that evidently someone else run fantasy game like I ran fantasy games! I have been absorbing myself in the Lotfp free RPG modules as well as getting to grips with the core rules before I go and splash some cash for the grindhouse edition and referee book (at time of writing is still "coming soon" )

Like a fair few people on here, I imagine, I am a writer and a game designer working on a variety of projects from mobile phone titles to fully blown pen and paper efforts. I take part in the student nationals in the UK each year, so look me up there if you fancy a chat.