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My shipment took about 10 days.


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JimLotFP wrote:

That's the one thing I should have put in the R&M book (since as it turns out Ref book development goes into extra innings...):

Monster Attack Bonus = Hit Dice, and it saves as a Fighter if it is a "normal" creature, as a Dwarf if it is an unreal monster with no supernatural abilities, as a Halfling if it does.

Thank you for posting this. This is really helpful as it is hard to find an old Ref book.
I plan on buying a Ref book when they come out, but is there any plan to release an artless version like with the R&M?


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Crunk Posby wrote:

I interpreted it as this book will exist next to the previous book, but I suppose it could also mean reprinting the previous advice in this book and then adding new stuff alongside it.

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lotf … feree-book

I really think that it means the second one, because by not including the old info, it's kind of a slap in the face to people who can't find or afford the old referee book, because it is pretty damn rare. So, short of the old book becoming free or pay what you want electronically, I think that including the old info in the new book is pretty much the only good choice from a customer service, not to mention playability, standpoint.

Sounds awesome! I'd be interested in reading it for sure.


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Crunk Posby wrote:

My understanding is that it's going to be different than the original referee book, so both books can coexist in a collection and not be redundant.  I think James said it's sort of an up to date version of his thoughts and how his ideas on running games have changed since the last one.

I believe it will have a variety of charts that use the d30 and the d1000 dice that were included as an add-on.  I'm assuming generators for settlements, NPCs, monsters, etc.

Also, it will have some kick-ass art, including a "comic book" section...

All of that sounds cool.
My source for the "all the old content but updated" comes from the indiegogo campaign, said by James himself. So I think it will make the old one redundant, although it will still obviously cool and valuable as a collector's item.
The indiegogo campaign updates also said there would be a section comparing, giving suggestions and conversions to tie the LotFP rules to other OSR games. The Ref book sounds like quite an item. Now, hoping it gets released soon...


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Hardcover. Same content as old ref book, but with extra content added, professional editing and layout too. 50 monsters from Rafael Chandler. A bunch of commentaries by other authors like Zak S. and Kenneth Hite.
There's more but I can't seem to find it. There might be something in the Crowdfunding forum.


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It doesn't sound like they'll have much in common with the Dwarf stats at all by the time you finish. Maybe leave the Dwarf stats as is and make them Stygian slaves or something? They have encumbrance bonuses and CON from working in mines and building grand Stygian towers, lugging stone blocks all the time.
Maybe just create a fresh class for barbarians/Cimmerians.


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I don't have Death Frost Doom, so I can't really say. I'm going to order the new edition, though, now that it's out!
Death Love Doom is fantastic. I got it at drivethruRPG.com/ where it is currently Pay What You Want, and it's been a lot of fun to read. It's definitely very much a "house of horrors", and would be great for Halloween.
I own a physical copy of Forgive Us, but haven't yet read it.

I think that Scenic Dunnsmouth would make a fantastic Halloween module, although it's longer than a single session. It also has more of an eerie, "what-the-hell-is-going-on-here" vibe to it, but it's on a bit of a slow burn. It has a great Halloween atmosphere, but may not deliver the fast-paced what-the-fuckery of Death Love Doom.

All in all, the PWYW Death Love Doom is probably the best bet. Let us know what you think if you run it!

Death Love Doom is PWYW on DrivethruRPG until Halloween. I don't see any mention of this on the news page, although it is on the G+ page. Thought I would post it here so that people could get ahold of it, since I was unlucky enough to miss a few of these like when Vornheim went PWYW.
Go get it and enjoy!

http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/1 … +love+doom


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Thanks for the info. I'll look for it next year, I guess. Hopefully early!


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I thought I read somewhere that Vornheim was definitely going to be republished this year. I know a bunch of books are at the printers from the NSFW drive, but it's not one of them.
Will Vornheim be republished or not?