Rule of thumb - check Labyrinth Lord if there's something on the equipment list you don't understand.

Personally I have standard rations spoil after a week and iron rations never spoil.


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I doodle the shape of the area on laminated paper with whiteboard marker. Battlemats are too gamey for me.


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Posby's got it! The main thing to realise is that the rules are intentionally uncomplicated, and the assumption is that you will make rulings to cover gaps in the rules as and when they appear.
LotFP also doesn't use grids or battlemats (again, by default, you can add them back in) so keep things loosey goosey. This is not a game intended to be a tactical combat simulator.

- Move and act in any order. Don't worry about it. I don't even worry about combat movement rates most of the time.
- There is no baked-in mechanism for preventing moving past enemies. This game is more loosey goosey and less combat-oriented than late edition D&D. Personally I houseruled in the 5e Opportunity Attack/Disengage stuff.
- Counting the Magic-User as helpless while casting sounds like a good ruling! I've got a spell interrupt mechanic myself.

Understand that everyone house-rules this game. It's a nice chassis to build on, so definitely feel free to build on it yourself!

Haha, this is great! And I'm glad my rules are coming in handy!
I've certainly never had a death result in an Abstract Form before. That's awesome to hear. The best I've had was a permanently-bound 1HD Smoke Demon full of Quivering Eggs that was immune to mundane weapons. The rest of the party booked it, so I've got no doubt that it's laying more smoke demons out there somewhere.

Yea that's fair, they've got to be in the mindset for it. The first time I ran it I was new to old school stuff and made a real hash of it.
I found using jenga blocks as walls reeaally helped, as was having players that wanted to go into the pit in search of the rumoured treasures.
If their main goal is simply "find the exit" then they won't smash the treasure packages on their way out.


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I've always run it as no saving throw unless stated.
Mainly because Sleep doesn't grant a saving throw in old school D&D, and the rest follows on from that.

Woah dude, these are badass!


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If they get into combat it's in the hands of the dice.
Generally make sure you remind them that they can run away if necessary.

This is good to read: … s-war.html

Basically if your players aren't stacking the odds in their favour before combat starts, they deserve whatever they get.

Also remember that the game doesn't end at a TPK. Just roll new dudes and go again.


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My barbarian goes like this - … arian.html

It's more of an angry rage barbarian than a Fafhrd or a Conan though.


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I have two handed weapons like greatswords apply your strength modifier to damage. Goes along with Shields Shall Be Splintered and a roll-to-hit-once-roll-damage-for-both thing with dual wielding.


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Personally I just make the new player start over at 1st level with a new character.
Since attack bonus doesn't increase for anyone but the Fighter and AC usually caps out at 18, there's no maths reason that a level 1 character will be behind. Their only disadvantage is, of course, HP, but staying out of trouble while the big boys get chopped to pieces is part of the fun!

As far as I'm aware, that's the only place it's specified. I didn't know this myself for a long while!
Basically if the spell allows a save then it gets modified by the caster's Int/Wis bonus.


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My plan was to have him run to the elevator if things started to get hairy, if there was no elevator there he'd featherfall down the shaft and come back all polymorphy.
Never happened in the end, the players let him out and left promptly. He's still after their Halfling for mocking him, luckily the Halfling wasn't there that session.