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Exactly what is required as proof of purchase for getting the pdfs of the LotFP-stuff i bought at my FLGS?

My players were dumb enough to start shooting at him, but smart enough to try to wrestle with him after, making it a close fight. He killed them all in the end, but the wrestling made it impossible for him to cast most of his spells without getting interrupted.


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This is why I always try to end a session in a safe place. If the party is back in town when you break for the night, characters who's players don't show next time will just have something else to do. Usually I let the other players come up with a reason of why Character X can't join them, and it always turn into something embarassing. Explosive Diarrhea being the kindest one they've come up with yet.
If this is not the case then I usually go with option 1. They are simple not there. Using option 2 and 3 have always ended up with players having their characters killed off when they are absent and that just seems unfair. They have plenty of chances to mess up and end up dead later.

Nope, no splash damage from a regular vial of holy water/flask of oil in my game. If you start throwing around buckets of holy water on the other hand...


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Looks promising, far from any orc or goblin big_smile


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I play in a Earth-setting with no demihumans, the classes are there but renamed, and I allow anyone playing them to replace the skill they improve in for another skill. The Elf is renamed to "Magic Born" and are still sensitive to Holy Water, because that's too awesome to leave out.


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Ah. that explains it. Thanks.


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Both the Grindhouse and the latest Rules & Magic say that Cure Serious Wounds only heal 1d6+ caster level, just as CLW. No other extra effect is given for Serious, so I assume that the number of dice is incorrect. Should it be 2 or 3d6?