I think you need to do draft 7 as you're not being upfront about the benefits of crowdfunding the ref's book. You're burying in a mass of information.

I think you need to in the campaign section state something like this:

By funding this campaign you'll get the following benefits:

Better layout- to the same high quality as the Rules &Magic book;
Hardcover rather than softcover

BUT most importantly of all, you'll get to shape how the referee book will look and make it more useful to you. You get to choose which stretch goal gets funded first- Want more great art- vote for it! Colour art? Colour layabout- vote for it.

Plus you can fund additional commentary on how to referee LOTP and make it a better game experience for you and your group from your choice of Frank Mentzer, Michael Curtis, Kenneth Hite, or Zak S (give some kind of gaming credits for each other here).

For full details of how this all works, read on down below.

Also, I think you need to revamp the section on shipping costs. You need to stress that one of the benefits of shipping not being included in the cost, is that more of their euro actually goes to funding the book/ stretch goals, rather than the shipping costs taking a hefty slice of the money raised- more bang for their euro-buck.

Hope this helps, rather than confuses, but at the moment the message feels slightly arse backwards