I agree...  however I do think "Well, you broke an arm.  You lose 1d4 strength" is a quick and simple penalty, I would also certainly follow up with things like "No, you don't swing your sword.  You arm is broken, remember?" or whatever else.

I mean, by all means, embellish on the injury.  Leaving it a loss of a few stat points and carrying on would be an injustice (!!).

Of course, if you wanted to make up a more complex chart with all sorts of fun things on it, that would be sweet too.  It's always been, however, one of my biggest issues with the D&D system however.

Joe Blow gets shot by a cannon and takes 39 damage out of his 40 health.  He fights on as if nothing has happened because there is no penalty or issue in the loss of HP (by the numbers).  I've seen all sorts of pain systems and maim systems and a balance is tough between making things -too- deadly vs too much like a game of Final Fantasy.  I think the ST making up things works well, but a touch of guidance never hurt, right?

Just my two cents anyways.


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My name is Kyle, I am 26 years old and living in Canada (the expensive city of Vancouver).  I first started roleplaying in Highschool when the guy sitting in front of me in Band Class was reading some book with characters and descriptions.  I asked him what it was and he lent me an old copy of the game (White Wolf's Vampire:  The Masquerade) and invited me into his gaming group.

Which turned out to be basically a LARP group, and so I was thrown into the character-acting fire right out of the gates.  Still, by the time the game was wrapping up and my character died, I realized I got upset and that I had grown attached to the character...  which is basically the point I got hooked on the game.

I have since played Dungeons and Dragons, Rifts, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Chaosiums Call of Cthulhu (also the D20 version), any and every White Wolf game basically, plus a bunch more weird and obscure games...  (things like Little Fears)

I found I have a deep love of the mystery / horror genera of games, and I really like them dark and gritty, which is how I got pointed in the Lamentations direction (I searched HORROR on Drive Thru RPG and Lamentations came up.)
Love the idea, love the art, love the balance of Fighters vs any other class, LOVE the concept of one monster / having a rare number of monsters to evoke a sense of mystery and fear.  Totally looking forwards to running a game of this when I get some players together.

Anyways, thanks for having me in the fan base and nice to meet you all.

Alright, so I recall Dungeons and Dragons had a 'Death from Massive Damage' rule that never came up, though the D20 Call of Cthulhu had one at a much lower level (something like 20 damage and you made a fortitude roll or died) did have some effect.

It would be easy and neat to do a Maiming from Massive Damage rule, in my opinion.  Something like 'any damage in excess of 20 is added to a D6 roll.  IE. you take 23 damage in a single hit, you roll 1D6+3.  Make a simple chart like

1-2:  Nothing.  Lucky you.
3-5:  Lose 1d4 from a random stat (roll another D6 to determine which.  results caused by broken bones, scaring, head trauma, etc)
6+ :  Serious injury causes a loss of 1D6 in a random stat as above.

Simple, quick, deadly.