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Given the funky extras / stretch goal math, I am looking at this breakdown:

Campaign Total: 6.699€
Amount of Claimed Rewards: 3.568€
Total of Extras: 3.131€

If roughly half the extras will be giving 50% toward the stretch goals, that would put us at around 4.350€ toward stretch goals. That would get us a good way toward stretch goal #1. If all extras are slipcases, t-shirts, dice sets and ref screens, then we are only halfway to most stretch goals.

Average backers are putting 42,70€ toward the books themselves. If we assume 25% of the extra amounts are going to stretch goals, one backer is around 50€ toward stretch goals. There is a total of 20.100€ of stretch goals assuming 3 module reprints, 1 Full Color Section and 1 Maria Appreciation Fund. So that's 318 average backers that we'd need to get for absolutely everything. That's not outside the realm of the achievable.

How exactly will the Commentary! extra work? Is it the highest vote-getter among people pledging 25€ and picking between the three authors? Or will all three be writing commentary based on how the contributors choose? It sounds kinda weird as a type of extra as opposed to a stretch goal.

Would it be economical to make a slipcase that could house both the R&M hardcover and the Referee hardcover together that could be either an add-on here or something that you sell on the LotFP store when we actually get our hardcovers fulfilled? It'd be a really nice option to have.


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My name is Wayne. I run a blog called Semper Initiativus Unum. I'm married with a daughter who is almost 11 months old, I've played D&D since 1995 and have been part of the OSR since 2007 or so. I publish a zine called Dungeon Crawl. I've followed LotFP since before it was a game (I actually have an entry in Green Devil Face #2), and since Better Than Any Man I've become acutely interested in its approach.

So that's me. A number of you probably know me from elsewhere.